LOOK UP- New chemtrail documentary/project -full-

mirrored from In2thevast1975· Upload videos of Chemtrail spraying to youtube, post pictures on social networking sites. People need to know these aren’t exha…

17 thoughts on “LOOK UP- New chemtrail documentary/project -full-

  1. Thetruthwillfindu

    How do we know the app isn’t just a way for the government to compile a list of dissenters ? I trust no one and nothing can be done to stop this as long? as people are practicing willful ignorance and are under mind control. Which is the majority. I document the sky’s as well and I think it’s more than a man made issue. Thanks for trying to inform.

  2. EyeAm Awake

    Why? do people always think things should be free? You do understand it takes someone time and money to put these things together? Why don’t you make a free app for everyone. PS – I make no money off anything to do with chemtrails. Just want it to stop!

  3. mrjoelo

    I agree. I just mirrored the video. I thought it would be free too. Somebody always figures out a way to profit from activism I guess. I post videos of chemtrails? whenever I see them on YouTube. That’s free to do. And raises awareness.

  4. Constantinos Vakakis

    U should have the app free. Sorry but I’m not? gonna give 1,79€ to buy something that doesn’t offer anything. U wanna help? Make it free.

  5. GalileoGalileisGhost

    Terry Ram is one? of many low level shills hired to make? antagonistic comments? on chemtrail? awareness videos; a media denial tactic to? deter public outcry. Shills have NO argument, never present real facts & regurgitate the same hype on ALL threads. When you give facts, shills counter with ad hominem/straw man routines or insults to deflect truth, vote u down/flag u. They’re creetons contributing to the destruction of the planet! Ignore/delete/block ’em all,? they’re wastes of life.

  6. Spherian7

    As per 7:40 go to

    Chemtrail Shadows? show Jet Altitudes Identical 5 30 2012

    They are making sure that the initial chemtrail sheets made are at the exact same altitude which is the most efficient way of creating and maintaining… However,remember the material does fall, and then re-aggregates water vapor at lower altitudes and forming even denser goo – strangely flattened dark clouds that produce little to no rain for the most part.

  7. Spherian7

    They have a new method of manufacture that could be called “Megaslime Generation” as I call the chemtrail “cirrus” “grey slime”. Can be seen almost every day or night on Intellicast on their time lapse showing of sat views of clouds. These bloom in super dramatic fashion into circular/ovoid forms that reach the size of, say Oklahoma in a matter of a couple of hours. The smart move for the perps as more and more folks are realizing the bizarre white jets ribbons/slime are horribly wrong.?

  8. ovo05

    Yesterday? in just four hours I could shoot like a spring blue sky of Berlin is transformed into an autumn sky, every second that passed these aircraft with four rays, for me no doubt, our day of spring in the field ended abruptly because 25 degrees down to 10 with clouds and wind, I’ll put a video in response, in a few days, I have also pictures you see clearer, the films are made ??with a Android tablet, I hope serve

  9. tctctctc4

    I called the EPA in Boston for years, starting around 2006, trying to leave a report. It was getting so bad, I could see the emissions from the back of the jets as they were coming out of Logan Airport. AS THEY WERE LIFTING OFF THE RUNWAYS. ? I live on a 700ft elevation hill and could see the spray coming out as it ascended between 500ft to 2000ft. So they were emitting this spray as they left the airport. I CALMLY called the EPA so many times – they tried to insinuate I was hysterical.


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