Re-edited video about the real problems involving chemtrails. August – 2012


  1. eyemarc1

    You are what you eat. ? Plastic like foods-margarine,cheese spreads, additives and preservatives cause the problem (Morgellons comes from the gut and then grows out to the skin-from vid)but may be accelerated by other outside factors. Detox, multiple antibiotics and diet change may work. The answer is out there somewhere. Vegan would not help-it is bad in itself-body needs fats. Your brain cells are 60% fats or higher. Your heart is protected by fats. Research….

  2. Love1andbeloved1

    My friend, live free and be joyful, laugh like a child! Meditate where ever? you like it is the key to this life.

  3. Love1andbeloved1

    When I talk about parasites, I rather mean the scientific terminology, to clarify some confusion about the term, I am not referring to the usual common parasites (bugs), such as arthropods or insects. Parasites (or parasitic organisms) can be also a protozoa, bacteria, fungus or? viruses, that lives on or in other organisms for its survival. There can be many different microorganisms (or genes) involved that we still have not identified or classified.

  4. Love1andbeloved1

    If the gland is calcified…. it is rendered useless, hence all the chemicals used in water for example. The only way to enable? any kind of reanimation is through diet, life style adjustments and most important of all meditation. Real meditation! Half an hour or more twice a day, finding your guide will supply all the nourishment needed. Once you reach the realm of creation, there is no need for anything to work better. Read several books on how to meditate and simply pick the technique for U.

  5. umcarainteressante

    Mine showed nothing. I live in Brazil. Is there a name for this “unknown? parasite”? I think doctors hide various details from us, not telling exactly what is happening.

  6. umcarainteressante

    Is? there ways to “reanimate” the pineal gland and make it work better? By alimentation, for example?

  7. Love1andbeloved1

    Making a video on electronic slaves as we speak, 3 months of research and still not done. The natural events you speak of will manifest at their will, they will make it look like the real deal. We are not powerless, unite locally… my group has over 900 people. Educate, educate and? educate with peace, violence will only discredit the rest of us. Don’t just sit there and think you have no power, use your voice, use your mind and feet.

  8. PSPReviewMan

    Do you really believe that they will be able to electronically enslave our conscious mind? I? mean I believe that they most certainly have the technology to do it, but something tells me that they are not going to be able to pull it off because of the natural events to come later this year. What can we do to combat against this, I mean this is inhumane, wrong to the very core of wrong.

  9. Love1andbeloved1

    Don’t take my word for it, my blood testing came back positive for an unknown parasite. We get sprayed daily….. Go get? checked this is not a joke!

  10. Jculu

    The Pineal Gland it is the Portal through the high frequency waves of light enter? your physical form. This Portal is a filter, as well as a magnet.The “filter” dis-allows the low frequency, fearful thoughts/emotions from invading the higher realms. On the other hand, the “magnet” attracts the higher frequency thoughts/emotions to adhere to the downward facing peak. It can filter out the lower frequency thoughts and magnetize the higher frequency thoughts to its opening is at the tip.

  11. NanaBaakan

    I often wonder how the pilots can do this to their own lives, and their own families. We are all under the same skies. then I heard that they are told that they will be rewarded along with their families with advanced human abilities. and that it’s also helping all of humanity, all of earth. folks in congress have heard little about this and trans-humanism for that matter. those with the power to legislate over the masses has little knowledge about? what is really going on.

  12. NanaBaakan

    Everyday is a chemtrail day where I live. Hard to avoid going outside in the ran, I think the idea is to keep us locked in our houses, afraid of our neighbors, we are easier to target locked in our own homes. They can project right to? where you are. This is a spiritual war… Once we understand that, we will be able to harness Divine energy to protect us from this craziness. They are geo-engineering our planet to an alien planet. Our atmosphere is changing thus all life under it will change.

  13. TheDustninja

    something is going off with chemtrails i don’t know what and tbh this vid is some scary stuff if true thats why i’d like to? see unequivocal evidence for all to see and its easy to get drawn in to the gloom and doom

  14. TheDustninja

    look your not adding to the conversation and tbh making a show like this should have more proof electron microscope pictures for a start ?

  15. Love1andbeloved1

    Dis agree if you spend the time to follow the money trails,? there is more then proof. Spend time not just minutes to search, last week for example there was 53 hours of research in my new project. That is not enough need to work harder, we have over 900 people in my area pounding the pavement everyday, what type of action are you taking? Easy to say “other guy you read that from”, not easy to prove the other guy right!

  16. MartianCastaway

    Friend, all of these questions, you can get the answers in the channel Atlanticobr, look in the comments section? and make? your questions directly to the moderators of the channel.

  17. pawel071174

    atlanticobr my name is Pawel i have a question for Mythi regarding Ormus? i have been making it from dead sea salts rasing the ph level lye water in salt water solution
    after inducing it makes me feel great and makes me feel like im healing every day, if it works positive as they say it doz maybe it is way out against this evil punks ? please try to find out from mythi thx alot regards and love to you all :)))))


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