Back in 2004 (1st March) ..I witnessed my first chemtrail, although I did not know what is was then. It wasn’t long after the invasion of Iraq and I remember thinking ‘What are they doing to us now?’. I watched with people from work as the glowing ring lingered in the sky – the sightings were reported in the newspapers, on local radio and also TV on regional news. I did not buy the story that the trail was caused by a ‘routine manouvere’ ..This was reinforced when the F-15’s returned and performed a succestion of ‘routine manouveres’ above the City of Norwich, last year.

25 thoughts on “LORD OF THE RING (F-15’s + CHEMTRAILS) (HD)

  1. directech111

    Another thread where ignoramuses are busy talking about something they know nothing about. For example:
    “I can feel it getting hotter, so it must be global warming.”
    “That white smoke coming off all of? the jets must be chemicals, ’cause the government is behind it.”
    “Even happened in WWII. After they dropped bombs on Germany, they took the time to expel some chemtrails from the bombers.”
    If you think they are chemtrails – you are retarded..

  2. Stu0666

    The footage of the F-15’s over Norwich show them producing contrails and nothing more. Aircraft don’t always produce these, it depends on the height they are flying and atmospheric conditions. Sometimes they appear on and off as the aircraft moves through different air conditions. Vortices (which? look like mini contrails) are produced by moisture in the air being channelled over aerodynamic surfaces. The last video shows an F-15 at an airshow with underwing smoke pods for dramatic effect.

  3. thorley1969

    First of all, cracking good camera work to capture manoeurvering aircraft at? altitude. Secondly – Chemtrails??? what a pile of crap. Refraction happens naturally in cirrus clouds. The footage of the F-15 at the end was from an airshow with smoke winders for effect, nothing more. If you study the science of clouds and atmospherics you may actually learn something and dispell a lot of the myths held under that tinfoil hat!!

  4. zero1gmv

    this is not a good sign, thanks for the show…

    we can’t do anything about it if people let it happen.

    possibly they are spraying a pharmacuatical to keep us docile…or damage our atmosphere so only the insane can live here on earth? i don’t? know.

    someone surely knows something. hopefully we find out before it is too late.

  5. Kitt0000

    Archetypal language in the headline released 11:11 “Jet pilot lassoes the imagination”. Sounds like it is referring to the stuff released buy the jet as a? neural toxin.

  6. Supergee8

    Industry pumps tens of thousands of tons of toxic crap into the air air daily, more then all the aircraft in the world do in one year.

    Why are you people more worried about the ANT by your toe then the TIGER clawing at your ass.

    Maybe there is something to the trails left by aircraft, but don’t you think the bigger problems? should be given more attention at the moment?

    The powers to be have you running around like chickens with their heads cut off, pay attention to the bigger problems first.

  7. superbeauthy

    hi hey maybe someone can tell me what comes out of the smoke stakes from industries? Would it be the same stuff??

  8. ar5281ar

    it should be called solar system warming! the polar caps on mars are declining too, all those damn cars and people on mars should have to pay a? carbon tax too! EVERY planet in our solar system has been warming up!

  9. glenninwood

    Which? vid is that brother? There’s a lot on Tankerenemy’s channel.
    Can you write it like ” watch?v= etc ” so we can just cut and paste the exact link

    Can you believe he was trying to suggest all those ww2 videos showed contrails! HA HA As if they weren’t spraying chem back then anyway. Oldies say the sky in ww2 was covered in chemtrails. It shows in old film.
    This has been going on a long time!

  10. glenninwood

    Awesome video!.
    There is a forum called Dr Karl’s self service science forum.
    You should go there and exercise your wisdom against commercial airline pilots and meteorologists.
    If you are right then you? should obviously win any argument easily. Come on, rally the troops and spread your wisdom to the unbelievers!
    There’s no way they can argue against your evidence.


    There are plenty of examples for people to view which show blatant chemtrails, but either they don’t want to see, aren’t able to due to dumbing down or are paid disinfo agents.

    DAILY MAIL THIS WEEK – Obama may fire pollution particles into stratosphere to deflect sun’s heat in desperate bid to tackle global warming.

    As Global warming isn’t real – Read ‘Club of Romes – First Global Revolution’ the global warming debacle? can be discarded.

    Thanks for commenting.

  12. BlueSkiesWhiteLies

    After many years of fighting the Global Chemtrail Operation, I have? found only ONE WEAPON that is effective against them. That is an Orgonite CloudBuster. This simple yet powerful device, breaks up and repels Chemtrails and it restores and maintains natural cloud and blue sky. You can learn to make one on U Tube but I bought mine ready made. I have 12 work’n hard. Now my neighborhood sky stays BLUE while surrounding areas stay WHITE! Buy Yours@CTbustersdotcom and
    SEE The Change In Your World!

  13. seekYEthetruth

    That grommo is off his? head aint he?
    He’s only got to go to Tankerenemy’s channel to see that vid of a chemjet malfunctioning.. .Check it out..
    Condensation my arse.


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