Major ChemTruthers Conference – August 17th-19th, 2012 – ‘Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails’ ~ ~sub: ~credits video”” Online Viewing – Entire event available online; get your pass at the website now! Event Details Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 Los Angeles, Aug 17th-19th Non–Profit Fundraiser Special Guest: Roseanne Barr! PRESENTATIONS WILL EXPLORE EVERY ARM OF THE GEO-ENGINEERING/CHEMTRAILS AGENDAS WHY – Premiering “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” Be the first to see Michael Murphy’s follow-up documentary! TREES – The effects of Chemtrails on plant life & how to reverse it. Hear Allan Buckmann, leading researcher. HAARP – The unavoidable connection between Chemtrails & “The HAARP-Controlled Grid” Featuring Alfred Webre GMO’s – Chemtrails are creating soil that can only support GMO crops and trees! Hear Jeffrey M. Smith, the author of “Seeds of Deception” & leader in the “GMO-free” movement. TRANSHUMANISM – Part 2 of the widely-acclaimed “Chemtrails to Pseudo Life” series, exploring how Chemtrails are creating a synthetic world – By Sofia Smallstorm WEATHER – Stepping outside the matrix to give us a look at the cover-up regarding Chemtrails within mainstream meteorology – By Scott Stevens, a former award-winning meteorologist SCIENCE & PROOF – Scientists and researchers will show PROOF of active Geo-Engineering and what we can do to STOP IT! Featuring Clifford Carnicom, Dane Wigington, Francis Mangels, William Thomas, Deborah Whitman, Dr. Perlingieri and others

23 thoughts on “Major ChemTruthers Conference – August 17th-19th, 2012 – ‘Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails’


    ~yes they do regional & occasional but NOT as vast & organized and huge as Nato (+? allied friends countries) and when China does it the SAY IT from day 1

  2. back2backband1

    Great point, I pay attention to older movies and look for the skies, have you noticed almost every commercial has a chemtrail in the video? especially this year? THEY ARE TRYING THE NAZI TACTIC ….. To hide in plain site! THE NEWEST? ONE WAS A VAGISIL COMMERCIAL IT STARTS? OUT IN LIKE 5 SECONDS SHOWS THE SKY WIL CHEMTRAILS, what does thst have to do with vagisil?

  3. back2backband1

    did he just say …..”he can do it but the people should know about it” SO You can? poison the earth and the people as long as you tell us about it! lol

  4. back2backband1

    not on a daily basis i just got back from china, i did not see any, i from massachusetts i have not seen a perfectly blue sky all year, when i was away my neighbor told me they were spraying that week. the russians and chinese must be laughing that USA uk canada, are poisoning? their own people. leite jews are running these programs by the way. look up the ones in charge of geoengineering

  5. biomercenaries5

    Wow, today is one of the worst days here in germany. They spaying for 3 days now and the sky looks awful. THIS HAS TO END. THE WORLD WE KNOW? WILL NO LONGER REMAIN IF PEOPLE DON’T WAKE UP.


    ~if you explain con-trails vs chem-trails to ANY random person on the street, which I did many times, show the difference LIVE in the Air 99% will admit its weird! especially when you see a checker-board pattern grid forming.

    Ask them if they can show the? same shit happening non-Nato countries like China, they can’t or ask them to share ANY vacation photos before 1996 showing the same checkerboard grid…? they can’t.

    Have so much to say on this topic it is kind a overwhelming 😐


  7. Cat Ruby

    a truther conference starring actors of Hollywormwood; careful, worms luv to eat? away at your pineal gland.
    “ACTOR”… A SLAVE who attended to, transacted or superintended HIS MASTER’S business affairs ~BLACK’S LAW 1891

  8. believersunderground

    Hay John. I’ll be in Hollywood in 10 hours.? got may pass. . hugs to the infopowerment kids. Your a leader John, it’s all in the action! for the poor, and tricked. Respect :) hugs BUG thanks

  9. Tzstep

    Well to begin with, i’m NOT the expert! I personally don’t know what bullshit they’re spraying, but even if it was friggin baby powder, they never asked ME for permission!?
    I live on the east coast US, and the skies are always super-hazy, even white sometimes. I remember the skies used to be super-blue, not anymore. My un-educated ‘guess’ is it is some type of atomized aluminum and “I” don’t think it’s to poision, but to litterally block your view.


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