Making a Case: Chemtrail Connections to Luminous Flying Objects | Feb.2, 2013

my continuing effort to illustrate the existence of these elusive anomalous objects and their connections to the chemtrail agenda.

12 thoughts on “Making a Case: Chemtrail Connections to Luminous Flying Objects | Feb.2, 2013

  1. going4u2

    Sweet catch, and I notice they are all near the sun where it is nice and
    bright making it even harder to detect them. I caught on to that last
    summer, they follow the sun, because we can’t look directly at the sun with
    our naked eye. The recordings are catching these though. I have so many
    now, but this last friday I saw something new. Keep up the hard work, and
    thanks. You should make your videos remix, so people can share them easier.

  2. FlyingAxblade

    perhaps if you had a second camera offset by a few hundred yards ( i know
    that involves another camera, cameraman, & a pair of walkie-talkies ) you
    could then triangulate the relative height of the ananomolies =) this
    comment is based on your text @5:40 These are eye-opening, sometimes I
    wonder if America is just a frog in slowly heating water ready to boil us

  3. ctwatcher

    p.s. It was my last vid put up and I asked people to see what they thought
    it was as I thought bird at first…no one answered me, imagine that :)


    Weather wars, HAARP, could seeding, now nanotech? yes 2 years ago I was
    telling people about the wave clouds, NEW rainbow clouds, Now nanotech?
    question everything except Christ GOD!

  5. ctwatcher

    I captured a thing that went into chemtrail but never saw it come out and
    then moved camera as I didn’t see it until putting on moviemaker. Thanks
    for this.


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