March is Chemtrail Awareness Month

a picture slide show of the sky over Las Vegas on Thursday, February 28, 2008, from dawn to dusk. these are pictures of planes leaving chemical trails behind them, and they are called chemtrails, and they are dangerous to you and your family, please do something to help stop this. March is chemtrail awareness month, please be aware. pass it on! audio swap “Fixing My Brain” (Into the Sun Again mix)

25 thoughts on “March is Chemtrail Awareness Month

  1. BlueSkiesWhiteLies

    After many years of fighting the Global, Chemtrail Operation, I have found only ONE WEAPON that is effective against them. That is an Orgonite CloudBuster. This simple yet powerful device, breaks up and repels Chemtrails and it restores and maintains natural cloud and blue sky. You can learn to make one on U Tube but I bought mine ready made. I have 12 work’n hard. Now my neighborhood sky stays BLUE while surrounding areas stay WHITE! Buy Yours@CTbustersdotcom and
    SEE The Change In Your World!

  2. elcapoinca

    man i always tend to ignore stupid comments like those (swizzlestickman), but this time im complelled to say that you are rght and he should shut the fuck up and dildo himself to see if he might just get a little bit happier.

  3. xXEchoWolfXx

    ok swizzlestickman shut up dude if he wants to do tht he can free country man ok so enjoy the song and stop saing stupid things u only solidify your stupidity

  4. swizzlestickman

    wow. its hilarious to imagine someone standing in las vegas taking pictures of chemtrails the entire day..granted im sure you took a few breaks to grab a bite of tofu and preach at someone about smoking

  5. monotone41

    The song’s lush synthesized wall of sound and its lyrics, revolving around the chorus: Could you take my picture / ‘Cause I won’t remember, lends it a surreal and dreamlike aura

  6. monotone41

    This has caused many people to interpret the meaning of the song for something that it wasn’t originally conceived after. Richard Patrick has said that the song is about him getting drunk on an airplane, taking off all of his clothes, and fighting with the flight attendants who tried to stop him.
    thats awesome! wikipedia

  7. Rainbojangles

    Chemtrails are not normal contrails. Period.

    The deniers are either scientifically or perceptually disadvantaged. Anyone over 30 years old knows how the skies used to look, and how “normal” jet trails appeared (then disappeared) until the late 90’s.

    The thought that we may be forcibly exposed to something harmful with every breath is just too hard for the “entrained” sheeple brain to wrap it’s neurons around.

    Wake up people, and look up! Most of you are in deep denial.


  8. kissthisguy88

    Great vid. The people that don’t think these are a chemical spraying of the population are a bunch of major dumb asses.

  9. TheChemTrailReport

    that sounds good on paper, but I believe what I see, and what I see is not harmless. thanks for the comment anyway.

  10. GoUSofA

    We aren’t releasing chemicals in the air. However, aircraft do release gases (just like cars). Aircraft engines, are constantly becoming more advanced and efficient. As a result, we will have cleaner air and less exhaust (gases).
    However, there is no need for fear-mongering comments regarding gas exhaust, which is lighter than air, as it doesn’t affect us on the ground anyway! And for any ground operations, properties of gas will cause the fluid (exhaust) to expand and float off into space.

  11. desire4liberation

    Great work…
    I sat outdoors for hours the other day and saw planes with trails that go away, planes with trails that did not go away, and planes with no trails at all.
    Ice storm this am, now snowing. Makes you wonder what is happening when you can’t visualize through the overcast.

  12. DontSprayMeBro

    the people that are doing this gave Clinton permission to be President. lets get it right freepress!

    and agreed, flood your congressmans office with letters and dvd’s.


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