March,22,2013 Chemtrail Aftermath In Sterile Water !!! (Mirror)

This is part # 1 of the aftermath. This is in the sterile water with the aftermath of chemtrail’s from the front porch. Thank you for stopping by. Take care …

24 thoughts on “March,22,2013 Chemtrail Aftermath In Sterile Water !!! (Mirror)

  1. mssummerrose1

    could you pls leave sme info? in the info? sorry i don’t have time to watch all your videos to find out after 4 hours what this shit is all about. thks

  2. SiBorg Jonnie

    i cannot argue with that as it makes perfect sense. but things appear to be getting worse. our so-called democracy is fast becoming nothing more than a covert dictatorship.. check out some of the clips on my chanel, i dont declare that they’re all 100% FACT but you can bet they’re pretty? on the mark.. good luck samuel !

  3. SiBorg Jonnie

    Agreed.. in fact, re the NSA-gate, that’s what? i would have said a few years ago :/ when seen as a single matter its not so important i guess, it’s only when you see it as part of the bigger picture that you realise it really does matter.

  4. Biobo Vieri

    It’s a psychological issue..

    people are so afraid about these things being possibly even remotely true,? their brain just shuts down and refuse to believe it or even consider it.

    Even when the MSM admits to it like the NSA-gate, their instinctive reaction is to downplay the issue or actually give it a positive spin.

    “eh as long as you got nothing to hide…” or “big deal everybody spies on you in the digital age!”

  5. infowarguy

    How was this collected? Looks like long thin fibers That is what other people have said . I have NEVER any seen before.
    Thank you for posting.?

  6. samuelphillippi

    Wait, wait, before you just ramble off a bunch of things, I should clear something up. Yes, I know the U.S. (and almost any gov’t I can find) is by volume way too corrupt. But all the gov’t is is a group of people loosely affiliated with each other by an idea. As with any conglomerate, some people are bad, some people are good, most are in the middle. As a second point,? actually critically look at each of the claims you made. Not all are false, not all are true, all to a degree.

  7. SiBorg Jonnie

    forget this video for a moment, lets ask your? question ‘why are a lot of people skeptical about chemtrails’ ? we already know that everything the us government says is a lie, endless proven false flags, endless official secrets- most of which are simply covering illegal acts, HAARP, gulf war syndrome, depleted human rights, depleted uranium, FEMA camps at the ready, its absolutely endless and yet you people question chem trails? for what possible reason?

  8. Jim How

    Sounds like you have breathing problems. I notice every time they spray real bad my breathing is effected. I also live on an ambulance run. Ambulances are going all day long on days of heavy spraying. If I hear a lot of ambulances and haven’t looked out yet? I will look out and see the aftermath of heavy chemtrail spraying.

  9. Funk Obama

    Baba seems? to be giving Mr. Van Winkle a run for his money. Some people have the head so far up their ass the will never see the sun shine. peace and god bless

  10. xferociousx

    I too would love to see a video of the exact collection methods. I.e., Sterile water in sterile jar then exposed to rain or the air? For what length of time? Was it scraped? off the porch? A continuous video of the collection would answer a lot of questions.

  11. Nicole Amanda Wilson

    i see? a frickin face in the end.. it’s freaky… this is killing our seagulls right now in thunder bay, ontario :(

  12. samuelphillippi

    So you left a jar of water on your porch and it became contaminated… chem trail?
    A lot of people are skeptical of? the chem trail hypothesis for a reason.

  13. Baba Loo

    How did you conclude that there are fibers in the trails we see in the sky? How in the world does?? “common sense” lead you to believe that something captured in a jar on the ground originated in aircraft, high in the sky?

  14. lisaap007

    I believe in chemtrails and I know they are putting toxic stuff in the air but this? looks like a glob of hair floating in water. Not very believable.

  15. T Young

    I spent my time and thoughtfully tried to fit an explanation into small box, because I’m kind and I thought someone had not heard of Morgellons and what the fibers were in the Chemtrails. I had it. No I have no proof that the video jar was from chemtrails, but I used my common sense and intution. And, what does she gain by lying? Use your head BabaLoo and get off? your judgemental high horse and quit flappin your lips about something as trivial as this! Wanker. And your welcome asshole.

  16. Baba Loo

    Dane Wigington is a liar. He claims, on this vid @ about 18:00, that no one will debate him: v=jkb2NZ5SPgU He is lying. He has been challenged to debate before,? by Jay Reynolds, and Dane’s challenge has been accepted right there in the comments section. Messages have been left on Dane’s own site, but he does not respond. It is DANE who dares not debate! Dane’s “tests results” are bogus and actually show only NORMAL levels.

    You have NO proof that what is in that jar came out of any aircraft.

  17. T Young

    owemylife It would probably help you to understand the “hairball” if you watched a few Morgellops videos. Because the nano particals, the fibers, the insect dna are all part of the mix that is sprayed out of these planes along with the heavy metal paticulates that Dane Wiggington of geoengineering watch on the web confirms after many tests across the country. People get Morgellons Disease from chemtrails. Those fibers you saw inside the jar were? created to grow inside the human body and do.


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