Massive Chemtrail Attack: Public Responds

I suggest you click the ‘watch in high quality’ tab to watch this vid. Santa Monica, CA 12/14/08. Numerous planes were spraying the skies in southern California; the weather soon became gloomy and overcast. I asked locals if they knew what all the strange lines in the sky were and why the planes were spraying. I encountered several foreigners who said the same thing happens in their countries, and met one recent police academy grad who stated that he would do anything, including confiscating people’s firearms, if it meant keeping his job. CHEMTRAIL ATTACK IN SANTA MONICA PART 2: Discussion here: NEWS REPORT: Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails Also see our vids Police State Measures At The ‘Statue of Liberty’ Our Visit To Waco, TX- Fifteen Years later Homepage:

25 thoughts on “Massive Chemtrail Attack: Public Responds

  1. zerodeckfreak

    @KardinalKrampus it just proves how blind and stupid people are. I bet if the main stream media said nickels cure cancer you’d see people try it

  2. KardinalKrampus

    you find them pretty unobtrusive in the pictures of premium car brochure,
    similar looking graphics on various tv shows (glenn beck, european soccer shows, disney movies).
    the unaware consumer swallows that stuff and doenst even realize
    the changes in the sky.
    its just hilarious – but it also shows us the power and influence the media has.

  3. 9054209855

    Chemtrail believers are stupid. They probably should educate them selfs on the matter of contrails. stupid fuckers.

  4. crimberland

    Ok people… I have been trying to find remedies of getting rid of the metals in our systems as are government are openly poisoning us.

    Zeolites in powder form will do the trick. Please research and share when you know the ins and outs. Liquid zeolites are owned by a lot of companies in bed with the FDA so I would stay away from these as all studies where done on powder not liquid.

    Peace and good health.


    April 1 2010, Concluding its weather manipulation. We were hit hard this week and were expecting rain. None showed up. Carbon credits must be that important.

  6. waltermouthoh

    Try this: see the vids below w/ short quick “start/stops” on the Play btn. (best with tiltable screen too, like laptop). Do you see the “O Waves” or “Sky Waves”? (copy the following in youtube search 2 watch these vids):

    “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails?”

    “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment.”

    good site is soisnessdotorg.

  7. combatvetlawstudent

    Has anyone in a state that has fall season noticed premature changing of leaves on trees? If so what state and what month did it start? Thanks!

  8. GrenadeChick99

    It’s good that this guy is getting the word out in public. “Regular” planes at a certain altitude leave a com trail that is made up of condensation. They disapear behind the plane. The chem trail’s being sprayed do not dissapate and leave these trails for hours that spread and block the sun. Has anyone noticed the incidence of cancer is rising? Or is it just me? Women are dying and getting breast cancer earlier, like in late 30’s and early 40’s. Why are we allowing this to happen?

  9. pamaspamas

    that’s deep stuff… i think you’ve just addressed the most important aspect here. i really don’t know how to respond to it, i’ve been working on that for many years. what is creation in itself? what to create? etc… i just figure the NULL Zone would be an appropriate non-action…

    ok, i’m done here….feel like i’m on a tangent…a u-turn….

    bye Ryan… thanks for the chit chat….
    from +P-

  10. FBIRyan

    You don’t know about the laws of the universe?!
    Do a little research on the Law of Attraction.
    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
    If all you see yourself as doomed, you are dooming yourself! By knowing that such things exist, you can confront them and not fear them. Your thoughts are more than little things in your brain. What you think, is what you get. Life is what you want it to be.
    You should research yourself, don’t take just my word for it.

  11. pamaspamas

    i don’t think i’d wanna know when my time is gonna come. maybee others wouldn’t either. maybee some should be in ignorance (ignorance is bliss)… i’m seein that everywhere i go. perhaps best….

    when people know…it don’t stop whatever that “force” is from going at them…they just happen to know they are all on death row…

    i gotta go for a walk, this subject is messin with my head…

  12. FBIRyan

    If no is ready to know, then no one gets to know.
    If no one gets to know, then the government gets to do whatever it wants.
    If the government gets to to whatever it wants, things like the stuff in this video happens.
    In other words, your telling us all to roll over and die. O;
    Even if some people aren’t “ready”, it’s time for them to know. They don’t really have a choice, unless, they’d rather just sit around and do nothing.
    Make sense?

  13. FBIRyan

    How could the rules of another state be annoy you?
    That’s like me saying that Europe annoys me because their crime rate is higher.(So they need to have more gun control laws.)
    I’ve never been to Europe, and the law has never effected me, but it annoys me none the less.
    That sounds like a little brat, doesn’t it?
    That’s what you sound like.
    Apparently, that’s who you are.(Proof me wrong.)

  14. SymAmineC8H11N

    yeah, actually illannoying is anoying for many reasons. especially ’cause of all their dumb gun control laws. you grow up


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