MASSIVE Chemtrail Operation Central Valley CA 9/9/2011 – 7pm

today we had a LARGE 6.7 Earthquake off the coast of Victoria BC, Canada very unusual but expects with large X class CME’s & with the space weapons our gov has HAARP this video right here is clear PROOF of HAARP, Chemtrails, Chemicals, Genocide, Murder, USE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS the American Government has Stole $70000000000.00 TRILLION dollars from ALL Americans… it is time to STAND TALL before they come in your homes and TAKE YOUR KIDS away to there Concentration Camps… we are 1 HUGE NUKE Attack away from Marshal LAW & the Murder of 200000000 People do your home work before you open your mouth and call me a liar… or tell me im crazy.. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU PUPPETS THINK… to all the rest… we are moving from a 3D life into a 5D life as we speak.. it is coming.. soon this earth will only know LOVE PEACE & HAPPINESS the rest are evil PUPPETS.. and there about to lead themselves into the biggest cave burial of there lives.. i hope the REAL GOD teaches them KARMA god as you know it is a LIE.. written by a few RICH PUPPETS… do your own research YES we have a GOD… but she/he/it does not come from this planet my son we as humans come from another world were will will go back when this Journey is done…. so dont HATE, DONT BE EVIL, DONT HURT, STOP STOP STOP u must LOVE from within.. unconditional love have a safe weekend & please stay out of all major cities of 3 million or more people… it is not safe… OUR GOV has something planned just like 9/11/01 all planned

6 thoughts on “MASSIVE Chemtrail Operation Central Valley CA 9/9/2011 – 7pm

  1. itzz420

    Approx. September 11, 2011 –
    Elenin passes over the ecliptic and is CLOSET TO THE SUN. Elenin is .708 AU from Earth and .482 AU (72,106,173.68 kilometers / 44,804,699.10 miles) from the Sun (.708+.482=1.19).


  2. bennyl42

    Chemtrail in Auckland New Zealand tonight 10.9.11. First one I’ve seen in years. Just on dark. A day after the rugby world cup opening. Connection?

  3. fleshtheworld

    Our sky down here in California today looks just like your sky. Many layers of clouds, many various kinds, dark, thick, fuzzy, scatter individual small clouds, i even saw a huge round mushroom cloud perfect circle with the bottom part fading – very artificial looking, etc. and even some natural puffy clouds. Very much like your sky but a bit more.

    Are they doing this for our own good or for a devious plan. Don’t matter. They took 12 years of my life away from me. So i hate them either way.

  4. Karen

    First of all the guy who created the video could do so with out all the anger, hate and curses. I want to say what I have observed in San Joaquin County. Yesterday,(9-27-2011) I got off of work at about 4pm, and immediately saw that the sky was striped with North to South laid chemtrails. I live in Stockton, California. I was shocked, angered. I called people to tell them to LOOK UP. They laughed it off. I am concerned too at how calm people are about this. Today the trails looked more like feathers when they spread out and I could see rainbow colors reflected similar to how oils give off color. I have been observing the spraying from planes for quite sometime now, as I live directly under a flight path. I observe planes on a daily basis. These planes are not stickint to the flight paths. The chemtrail clouds are irregular and look like they are dripping of dusting away from the original chemtrail line. All I ask is that People start looking up and aaking themselves if they can see the difference. Why are we so docile about this? Maybe we should ahould all be calling our representatives and demanding some answers!


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