Massive Chemtrails. Strange Patterns. Vienna, 2009-11-29

2009-11-29. Massive Chemtrails spraying operations in Vienna, Austria. Includes strange patterns. 29. November 2009: Extreme Chemtrails Sprühungen in Wien, Österreich. Inkludiert merkwürdige Muster.

25 thoughts on “Massive Chemtrails. Strange Patterns. Vienna, 2009-11-29

  1. boohey

    ok stop chemtrails if thats what you want but it will be hard for you to go on holiday if you do since its all airline contrails anyway.

    i wish people would think before they post this **** up

  2. bubylaimbock

    It is DEATH, dispersing wide over the air we bread, over the land we use and falls on Mankind by the hands of those pilots and the wish of the Politicians. The wonder is that they believe they will get away with it. “Iwill cause the ruin of those ruining the earth, says Jehovah”. That is a promise. They do not have much longer. “Thy Kingdom come…” (and His Will be done, not theirs upon here. Wipe them out God, we all pray. Amen)

  3. rushfan9thcmd

    There is no where near enough condensation nuclei for remnant cloud formation. The Aerosol Geoengineering Campaign is well known and documented. They use barium as a plasma generating source from light energy.

  4. zaphraud

    A piece of ice breaks off the wing and condenses water as it falls, and peoples unfamiliar with marvels of the technological world go crazy – only now instead of beating drums, dancing, and saying prayers, they upload to youtube and demand political action.

    Next, their leaders will attempt to tell them that bad weather is a result of their sins, rather than a consequence of a natural pattern.

    LOL people are so stupid.

  5. 8DoverNJ

    Yeah, that’s pretty much the same observation/progression I see over here in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks for posting.

  6. MjrDario

    @pauline404 dude i was only kidding
    you see i really hate vienna because the service in the airport is always shit
    and all those toxic fumes the coolers release could have caused that weird chem trail

  7. pauline404

    @MjrDario: it looks like a big race track. I wonder what substance they sprayed which was able to make such a “race track”

  8. Omegatide

    @matysek123456 Ah so you have a majic pony then! Go ride that majic pony in your perfect little world. Where everyone does good.

  9. TrutherD1

    At 0:03 I would guess it’s a chemtrail made by an outburst of energy from the cloud/trail which is probably charged up by HAARP… The trail is strangely thin and string-like, compared to some of the electro-trails I’ve filmed, though… so I don’t know.

  10. matysek123456

    Because chemtrails is an HOAX! It’s a conspiracy made by stupid people who has nothing better to do!

  11. skandilanka

    they are probably military planes dressed up as commercial airlines, and also, you can refill in the air, or as u say, maybe mixed up in the fuel, who controls the petrol controls the world

  12. natruto

    do you know anything about pilots? or airplanes.. airports? my father is a mechanic.. and there is no such device for spraying chemicals.. they dont refill tanks or anything.. it has to be something mixedin the fuel i think.. but there may be other possiblities.

  13. natruto

    i see them daily.. i flew in a plane recently and i could see the shadow of our trail on the clouds below…


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