Massive Weird Cloud Indonesia 2010 Haarp & Chemtrails

24 thoughts on “Massive Weird Cloud Indonesia 2010 Haarp & Chemtrails

  1. Kosengeki

    @darkslyde11 You send vibrations that intense into the air and it bounces off the atmosphere and back into the ground, what happens? that’s right, when things get vibrated, they SHAKE!! hence EARTHQUAKE!!!! (do research before you try to roast someone)

  2. Kosengeki

    @darkslyde11 wow… i love how you instantly think your some sort of genius “clouds dont cause earthquakes, plates do…” HAARP uses vibrations to sense things within the ground by the vibrations that it sends back. They can see around 3-4 miles into the ground by using 300 Watts of power… our government’s machine uses a billion watts of power in its cloud machine that uses the same technology.

  3. reubenprowse

    I should do my research before I finish post.
    The Americans did see that genius. The FBI confiscated the papers first.

  4. reubenprowse

    I disagree on that. My theory is that the Russians took Tesla’s knowledge and built their own technology. Note that one of his nephews from Serbia inherited his papers.
    I would suppose that the Russians, who were also desperately looking for good scientists, realised what a genius he had been. The Americans failed to see that genius, you see.
    Probably why the Russians and the Americans are at peace.
    And if the Yanks and Ruskis have it, the Chinese are at least in the stage of developing it..

  5. TODnMO

    @reubenprowse …..You cal also see similar technology from Tesla……STuff They Don’t want you to Know” does a good job of describing his work….and how it was likely stolen by our government!

  6. reubenprowse

    When Wilhelm Reich tested his “Cloudbuster” machine (later confiscated by the federal gov and he was probly snuffed) in Maine on July 6th 1953, one Witness stated “The queerest looking clouds you ever saw began to form soon after they got the thing rolling.”
    The next day, there was a slight drizzle.
    In my opinion, the government stole his rainmaker technology and do regular tests with hit. We could feed the world any day, but wickedness persists.

  7. darkslyde11

    @anongrey yeah because a cloud causes and earth quake you retard… There caused by Plates in the earth changing positions not by a cloud


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