The afternoon after our 2 days of rain and the blue sky is covered in Chemtrail Haze from Chemtrail Bombs offshore and overhead spraying today…DISCUSTING!!…

11 thoughts on “MAUI CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING & CHEM BOMB 3/9/12 @ 1:24PM

  1. Ekim Rrac

    Right over my house all the time. the chem bombs almost every day they say people of Maui need to look up These chem trails effect the behavior of humans all over the world when the trials are up hate crimes and? violence are up creating a need for more cops to control you.

  2. streetsofgold100

    #2,have but with a chem smell .Really hard to explain i don;t have anything to compare it too.It was real strong then evaporated .I couldn;t go back to sleep ,it was nauseating .Thanks for your? help and what you try to do GBY

  3. streetsofgold100

    Hey! man i just saw your video ,let me ask you a question .I live in Ohio and last night we had a bad storm ,frist they have been spraying at night now and early morn.when this storm was going on at about 2;00 in the morn. i thought i was dreaming ,but i kept smelling like a chem .smell,this storm brought this with it or it flushed it out of the clouds.When it stopped? raining about 20 or so mins. the smell left.It is hard to explain the smell ,it wasn;t real strong but a soft smell like nuts

  4. Ca JeffO

    In the SF Bay Area and into the Sacramento Delta we have seen many thousands of chemtrails in the past. IN JUST THIS PAST MONTH? we can see this kind of activity in the sky. I just knew they had switched from mostly chemtrail planes to a new technology!!!! In the Diablo Valley east of SF visibility is often between 1 & 5 miles max this past month. Chemtrail stuff is so thick it’s like a dust storm on the ground. VERY Gross. VERY Scary.

  5. dan jammo

    It appears from satellite images that “chembombs” are being detonated in the Great Australian Bight and then vast sheets of “white? out” drift over heavily populated areas like Adelaide & Melbourne. This technique is probably involving ships as the launch site, just like in Hawaii where the poisons drift in from the sea. God sees everything!

  6. Dean F

    I’m feeling you Bra, these scumbags that are complicit flying the planes are JUST AS GUILTY as the geoengineers? that send them up with that CRAP!!! We get POUNDED in the SF Bay lots too. It’s just sad what we are doing to OURSELVES.


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