May 6 2013 chemtrail share r-u getting a rash

Today’s footage. I ask a question at the end it’s important please answer.

8 thoughts on “May 6 2013 chemtrail share r-u getting a rash

  1. Mattsgottaknow

    I have big dry red skin sore throat and two out three sons have small red
    dots on their skin. Funny that you said you get burned easy, a friend was
    saying the same thing to me last night.

  2. septq2006

    hey matt have pics of the same rainbow thing off to the right side of the
    sun did not show up on film well but was also last night in ohio.

  3. 3tigerxx

    Sorry phone issues. Anyway i thought the were bug bites at first now they
    almost look like little burn marks. Waiting on a drs appointment but they
    don’t seem to concerned. I myself am suddenly burning like no tomorrow.
    Even with sunscreen on.


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