McCain ‘Disturbed’ About Syria, Chemical Weapons

U.S. intelligence agencies say they’ve detected that President Bashar Assad’s government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles for possible use….

24 thoughts on “McCain ‘Disturbed’ About Syria, Chemical Weapons

  1. Paul Zeigtler


    What should disturb McCain is how the US under Obama is using rebel terrorist groups such as al qaeda based Al-Nusra front to overthrow Assad with their suicide bombers and radical fighting, including civilian massacres of Assad supporters.

    Now the US lists Al-Nusra front as Terrorist after they have done so much work fighting against Assad, which is exactly what the? US want.They’ve used the terrorists and now the US thinks they are disposable!

  2. Paul Zeigtler


    Video has emerged of FSA rebels posting a video gassing rabbits and threatening to use? chemical weapons on Assad supporters!

    Syrian Rebel Radical Terrorist groups, such as the recently terrorist listed rebel Al-Nusra Front, may resort to? using chemical weapons against the Syrian people… after having gained control of a toxic chlorine factory” east of Aleppo

    Type on YouTube ” Syria – Rebels using chemicals weapons ”

  3. Mike Tyson

    If Syria “uses” these chemical weapons or if someone? can fram them, this would give us the perfect excvuse to invade.

  4. 150133

    Assad is the one? trying to keep the terrorist (aka CIA) from taking over the country. In Iraq the u.s. was killing al-qaeda, in Syria and Libya they are funding them. Assad is your only hope from keeping the u.s. out of the country.

  5. 150133

    Shut the fuck up you war mongering robot! Machines shouldn’t speak? for men, so shut the fuck up you mindless drone.

  6. 11vaseem

    You scumbag started showing your real agenda.. IRAQ Part 2.. WMD.. Shit WMD.. Shit chemical weapons.. It’s YOU who have WMD? and chemical weapons. American soldiers itself declared they found only goats and flock of sheeps in IRAQ.. they regret now they killed 66 million innocent human beings.. But here situations in Syria is different.. This time Islamic soldiers have promised themselves with their lives they will protect Muslim Lands and specially Syria from ASSAD and Criminals like you…

  7. ShakespeareAvenue

    America said ‘Shock and awe’ with Iraq and it failed for 10 years.

    Obama can you take Assad out? He just killed 40.000 people.

    What happens next…? figure it out.

    40.000 people.

    He has to go.

    Time to shock and awe if America can? Drones? Talk?

  8. PrussianMr

    If you fucking americunts and the west are? so concerned about the chemical weapons , how about you stop supporting the Islamist militants that are al queda affiliated !

  9. Neeloo11

    McCain sounds so familiar. When U.S. was going in Iraq McCain and all the war pundits were using same kind of? rhetoric. I think it will be suicide for Syrian government to use chemical weapons. Anyways, now rebels are so close to capturing Damascus. I don’t understand why west did not “help” rebels in the beginning and now when victory is so close Nato and U.S. want to go in.

  10. icecream12z

    Hold on now, he did do something. He married UP to a TRUST FUND BABY. Now that? is something to hang your hat on.


    As a Canadian, I must apologize for my country in their support for the Zionist state of israel. Our government has been hijacked by the same special interest groups and banker scum that run? the USSA.

    As far as we are concerned, Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters are enemies of humanity and should be hanged for war crimes. The whole world is sick of this tyranny and warmongering.

    Our hands are tied. Our leaders are not listening to us.

  12. ABC1123581321ABC

    He can’t retire yet.
    He hasn’t done anything to hang his legacy on.
    Yeah, he has done somethings, just nothing really significant that will stand the test? of time.
    He is a has been who never was.

  13. SharkDude1

    “U.S. intelligence agencies say they’ve detected that President Bashar Assad’s government has been preparing its chemical weapons stockpiles for possible use.”

    ? Replace the words ‘Bashar Assad’s ‘ with ‘Saddam Hussein’, in the discription above, and the words ‘chemical weapons’ with ‘Nuclear weapons’ and what do you have?
    You have the same exact reason why the US went to war with Iraq, and then found Nothing!

  14. icecream12z

    This is joe wilson here and AP your view count is way down, hmmm! U tell that blue eyed Saudi devil dog to die soon so CIAlcadi? can come to Mecca and blow the shit out of it for the inbred Angelo Britanian mum…no Saudi nationals or Islam followers were injured in this comment.

  15. icecream12z

    McCain your the new Colin Powel turd bowl WMD slut.? You are such a coward traitor. So glad you and your vetted Henry Kissenger nwo whore are not in power. Remember your freedom fighters in Libya, think now, CIAlcada oh yah your bitches are back doing your dirt work in Syria. Viva La Vietamericana nwo whore.


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