Media Spin Portrays Chemtrails as Natural Phenomena [Check out Alex’s New Social Network-‘Planet Infowars’

25 thoughts on “Media Spin Portrays Chemtrails as Natural Phenomena

  1. ramboormark

    fighter jets or old airlines with pure jet engines dont seem to make contrails. high bypass (modern airliner) engines obviously do sometimes. high bypass engines? are a relatively new design in aviation. so it is possible that all of a sudden they came out of nowhere. contrails are quite simple, no different to a cloud in the sky… that would be water. until you are a professional on all aspects you cant go around making these statements.
    youtube character limited. i could go on though…

  2. FreeTruthShow

    Over 50 hours of Chemtrail footage on my channel from the skies over Dorset, england, Pisa, Italy & Ibiza, Spain. They are very real.? The biggest crime against humanity and the environment.

  3. Earthshepherds

    LOL -? we can’t even get “honest labs” to test our air, water, and blood and tell us straight up. UGH.

  4. LockupSean

    I spend my Summer holidays in Athens in the? 60’s as a child and no airplane trailed remained in the sky longer than a few minutes..

  5. g0sth4ck3d

    I have pictures as far back as 1978 that show the trails in the sky along the USA/Canada border.. Either it is completely natural, or we really do not know when the program started.

    The earliest attempts? at some kind of weather modification dates back to the 1850s.

  6. FightForUtopia

    Thanks. I knew it was? true. I remember talking about them with the neighborhood kids. The sky was always streaked, like the Tholian Web. I thought it was normal for jet streaks to stay up for hours.

  7. TheNowaytogo

    They are chemtrail aka hygrroscopic agent, or glaciogenic , they do it since 60 years, but since the last ten years fibres and particules falls? : ” sud de la france 11/09/2011″

  8. TheNowaytogo

    Nice one and pertinent comment! Get that : h? t t p : / / w w­pts/2000483343.pdf around? p202 enjoy and share , we ‘re very RIGHT !

  9. don142128

    >>Loved the taste of chemtrail chemicals in my ice cream cone. We used? to count how many trails the planes left in the sky. Then our watchful friends would fly their drones overhead, or we’d wave to them on the camera just to let them know that ALL WAS FINE! Oh…it”s true, EVERYTHING is just great, and what’s happening today is ALL normal, just? like it was years ago. So just watch your porn/sports, drink your beer, take your meds and get ready to WHACK some zombies…ALL IS FINE!!!

  10. don142128

    This is natural. I remember years ago, on family vacations at the beach, strolling along the beach, climbling over rotting seal carcasses, listening to the metallic rumbling sounds of the sky and watching the glowing 8000 lb fish swim under water. ? I remember picking dead birds? up off the roadside EVERY New Year’s Eve as we watched demon possessed people gnawing on each other…oh!..we could hardly wait for the big Zombie Apocalypse to occur! Wow, pleasant childhood memories! I always Cont.

  11. Earthshepherds

    For more info, google “Why in the world are they spraying?” for the new documentary to be launched on this subject. Not only is the aluminum, strontium and barium dangerous to our health, it’s destroying our atmosphere, plant and animal life. We have a whooping cough and asthma epidemic in Seattle and beyond? (where spraying is constant and thick almost every day – “Hey – are we a test area?”!!). You gotta know that chemtrails have something to do with it all. LOL!

  12. thegroove2000

    The fuckers are going to burn in hell? for this. And so are the ignorant bastard sheep who ridicule all the hard working humans trying to expose this mass deception. Most of the sheep don’t believe this and even tho i have all the evidence they still take the piss and dismiss it.

  13. rabiataclara

    hey this is done in australia New zealand all Europe and? North america so the whole world is been sprayed since many years!

  14. rabiataclara

    canada? and north europe cold down already average two degree cels…if cool down more …no agriculture will be possible soon in large northern regions…scarcity


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