Mega Chemtrail Death Attacks 06.06.09 – intro

Intro of my coming movie “Mega Chemtrail Death Attacks 06.06.09” . Part 1, containing the major cloud formation event caused by Chemtrail fighters in the sky. Not one single person commented on it. I will make a film out of it. More to come … more of 06/06 attacks coming, collateral damage inspection on animals side on the attacks, 1 more prove gathering, The Aftermath 07/06 and its cloud destruction causing the reporter to be suddenly sitting inside a Chemcloud, the second wave of the Attack 08/06 and some scenes of the 3rd wave of 09/06 of the Chemtrail fighters will be included as well. will be a 60mins movie at least. Lots of work still (:-O

14 thoughts on “Mega Chemtrail Death Attacks 06.06.09 – intro

  1. DomhnallX50

    WATER VAPOUR TRAILS ahhh ! water ia comming to get us noooo, its just water people produced by a combustion in the engines can be changed in length by weather patterns altitude and air currents so dont get urself in a panic

  2. brucechristi4u

    Did anyone notice the shape that showed up in the close up of the sun at 1:49 – 1:50and at 1:53? It looks eerily familiar. There are several fast orbs that show up too. Siber, clean your lens.

  3. FromDimmuLand

    Really Fat video . Star for you !

    Why would they kill off the animals?
    Or us for that matter, are the animals ‘casualties of war’ in this?
    remember the Doomsday Vault, they could replenish the word again , right ?

  4. Silberhorter

    welcome! :-) sorry, I have just deleted a commentary of letitgothinkpositive. he asked whether the dirt came from the Attacks of 06/06. My answer abvoe. What I wanted to add on my comment was that the dirt that came down from heaven by raining down was on the same day (06/06).

  5. Silberhorter

    maybe partially, but when I started making videos lens was little dirty already. But the real dirt came down on the Aftermath of the Attacks and after rain set in…

  6. letitgothinkpositive

    they spray in germany too.alot of people have flu like symtoms.bastards.time we reclaim our little planet from these devils


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