Metorologist Confirms Chemtrails Spraying Is Real

UPDATE!The site is down now.He says the “stress” had gotten to him,the stress or someone got to him.He made a stand however short lived and he went on record,more than any of these other lying weather shills.Your weather person is a liar and they know it.

25 thoughts on “Metorologist Confirms Chemtrails Spraying Is Real

  1. humanswin

    @somesortanaughty I agree we need to organize.More than that I am pissed at myself for not doing more,even though I can say I turned my life upside down and spent ours,days,weeks of my time,put my ass on the line,showed my face when few would = NOT enough by me.World still geting more screwed and still getting chemmed.Organizing is the answer but do not trust for good reason many “popular”truthers. I have a hard ass attitude,sorry,I can be a dick.I write humor but organize?I’ll try harder.

  2. humanswin

    @somesortanaughty I didn’t.I am just saying that to make want me to push on.Its been a grind,4 years here and I wonder sometimes what am I doing?Anything?I see people come here and make a bigger impact yet I know they are not even real.I knew veitch was a plant(for lack of better term)for example yet what did I do?Nothing.I have been using this phrase of late “who needs actions when we have words?” but people dont even get that phrase!I am with you but help me be better.I’m not satisfied at all

  3. somesortanaughty

    @humanswin why do u think i looked at your vid in the first place? because i’m not interested?.. i said i am tired of vids stating others should wake up assuming therefore that all the rest are more stupid then the person that made the vid.. I hate it when people assume i’m stupid. You obviously hate it also… Still getting ORGANISED as a human mass of people with a specific goal, is a totally different thing then looking someone in the eyes and telling them we are being poisoned.

  4. humanswin

    @somesortanaughty Who is not interested? you ?.. but who else?I agree making videos is not enough but as opposed to doing and saying nothing?I’ll take what I do any day of the week.Telling strangers every chance I can,look them in the eyes and tell them they’re being poisoned…funny no one ever argues.Maybe because I am a giant human or maybe because my eyes dont blink… I cant shoot down the planes, I cant shake people awake.I wish,but even so.Why should I be quiet or quit what I do?

  5. somesortanaughty

    right guys, so LETS GET ORGANISED THEN!! yeah??? how about it? everyone is telling everyone else to wake up and do something…so all you people that tell others so, please tell us what YOU do apart from posting vids on youtube and then getting on with your own life? LETS GET ORGANISED THEN AND CHANGE THE FRIGGIN PLANET AND GET RID OF THESE FUCKERS THEN SHALL WE?? No? no-one interested in that? thought so… Have a good day!

  6. emmarolls

    mouse&shiraz is pissed again u cant’ have a con & chem trail at same level & give that silly argument obviously, needs to do some research fast, or left behind.

  7. Sinner2Saint777

    if you guys dont know about project blue beam yet look it up and find out why they are spraying barium throughout the world and how barium is exactly what would be needed as a “screen” for holographic projection!

  8. piglettetoy


  9. MouseAndShiraz

    @heavenlyluv33 So yes, it’d be a lot stranger if you -didn’t- see different qualities of contrails at different altitudes. You would expect to see different contrails at different altitudes because you have different humidity levels at different altitudes. Does that make sense?

  10. MouseAndShiraz

    @heavenlyluv33 Of course it fits. It’s called a ‘holding pattern.’ When a plane needs to wait for authorization they enter a holding pattern at a specific elevation. It would be wrong to think that the humidity remains the same between the ground and tens of thousands of feet in the air. The humidity can change many times. Planes fly at different altitudes especially during holding patterns: the patterns are organized into different altitudes by the control tower so there won’t be collisions.

  11. heavenlyluv33

    @MouseAndShiraz Well all I can say is that I live very near an airport and see planes constantly. On any paticular day I see Jets leaving normal contrails and jets leaving chemtrails at the same time. The jets leaving the chemtrails go back and forth leaving this making crisscross designs and very large thick trails. Soooo Im not sure if your explaination fits here.

  12. fishersofmenvideo

    For something completely different, a musical/spiritual interpretation of the chemtrail issue, check out “Boil the Frog:The Chemtrail Opera” on fishersofmenvideo

  13. MmmmmBLUNTZ

    i have seen the sky above me alot worse than the pictures in this video, i know for a fact that they are covering the sky with whatever they are spraying, i know of barium and alluminum but there is deffinatly more. they spray huge lines of thick looking clouds in the air, and ive seen many X patterns in the sky also, they spread out looking almost like a mist and covers the sky and make it look so grey/whiteish and everytime its like that it rains, so this shit is in your food, air and water..

  14. IwontConform

    i`m from oklahoma,and we hate chemtrails too.We know they are destroying our planet and doing it for a useless purpose.Its all about control,and ultimately,warfare..something we dont need more of.Its time for us to stop using and exploiting our planet and become the responsible stewards of it that we are supposed to be.If we dont,we will perish.

  15. IwontConform

    @heavenlyluv33 i`ve been told they spray in advance of approaching thunderstorms,which supports weather control as a partial motive.Yes,our particulate levels are high because of the chemtrails.These fine materials aggravate allergies,degrade our immune system and can cause headaches and nosebleeds,in some cases.

  16. PixieRockabella

    Bill Gates and Monsanto are behind the chemtrails, just google it!!!!

    Bill? Gates ist one of the most dangerous freaks on this planet, a real terrorist!

  17. heavenlyluv33

    I am starting to take pics of the chemtrails I see atleast once a week. I have noticed that on days with very clear skys, they do not spray. They do it on days when there are high thin clouds in the sky. I guess they do this so it wont be so obvious. When they are spraying they do it all day long. I will be making a video soon with the pics and the dates. The weather man said that allergys are high due to atmospheric particles. What the hell is that? no pollen here today, just chemtrails.


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