Michelle Obama & Chemtrails

www.RealityZone.com RealityZone productions is in final stages of the new documentary – What In The World Are They Spraying On Us? A bold film. Others have showed plenty of dramatic video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, yet no one has probed the questions Who is doing this? Or why? All of that is about to change. The film exposes the hazardous facts and consolidates all the warnings about global government sponsored chemtrail programs. It is a professionally produced documentary which is sure to awaken viewers to the danger upon us.

25 thoughts on “Michelle Obama & Chemtrails

  1. disclosurenow9

    The brain dead obomba worshippers are angry and disaapointed that the video isn’t about her.
    They don’t care that we are being sprayed like cockroaches.

  2. lillybart123

    You haven’t completly covinced me yet but I did take the time to do a little research on this issue. The International Food Policy Research Institute’s website does discuss Monsanto’s alunimun resistannt seeds. It is something to think about. I think that your videos could be more convincingi f you did one that connected the dots a little better. I am new to this idea and I can’t be the only one who is.

  3. smd9

    Wow, the title was so misleading. This has NOTHING to do with Michelle Obama. It’s parts of the trailer for What In The World Are They Spraying, mixed with parts of the movie “The Road”, and some talk by Michelle Obama that has nothing to do with chem trails (and also maybe some other stuff mixed in too). It’s dishonest to use Michelle Obama’s name to get people to see your video that has nothing to do with her.

  4. LillyGrillzit

    ChemTrails are Real, This video is a manipulation of The First Lady is speaking about brining Chef’s together with Schools, and “Get Moving” all healthy programs for kids…whoever made this is a liar

  5. greenback001

    @freedomwtruth Exactly. Ahlzheimer’s disease has already increased in the last decade. Aluminum on the brain and/or in our bodies is not a good thing ever. Chemtrails is weather modification and a lot more. Everybody needs to talk about chemtrails like wild eyed gorillas fighting off a pack of lions. Very bad things can and need to be stopped. The Chemtrail program is top of the list.

  6. funkbrother216

    Michelle Obama has absolutely nothing to do with the Obamas. To use this to attack a political figure that you don’t like just discredits the whole thing.

  7. fishingthewatershed

    Does anyone else see the similarity between Michelle Obama and Chewbacca? Now there is a conspiracy to ponder!

  8. karlkarlkarl1234

    Michelle Obama Satoro is scum just like her traitor enemy of America husband Barry Satoro.

    Too bad for her Barry is running around getting his rear-end fudge-packed on a regular basis.

  9. freedomwtruth

    Did I hear that guy in the video say that spraying tiny amounts of aluminum is benign in the environment? What about in people’s bodies when they breathe that crap in? Can you say dain bramage? Or maybe ahlzheimer’s disease?

  10. SiNaoia


    I totally agree with you… Much Peace and Love be with you and a MAJOR Zap of WISDOM to our Legislators and Government…smile

  11. SiNaoia


    OK, Thank you, good point & nice video… pl let me know when “What in the World Are They Spraying on Us”… comes out.

    The Chem Trail is really frustrating… Do you know that to get the nutrition in a bowl of Spinach Salad that we use to get in 1955 we almost have to eat 40 bowls today b/c the Minerals & etc., in our Soil is Barren?!! Earth has been SUCKED DRY & has retreated it seems to rejuvenate / heal herself… We Have sprayed Poison all over the Earth & now Chemtrails!!

  12. greenback001

    @SiNaoia I used Michelle Obama and her organic garden to contrast the Chemtrail program they are spraying on us. I was trying to point out the hypocrisy while also trying to promote a new documentary coming out soon, What In The World Are They Spraying On Us.

  13. SiNaoia

    Very confusing video… Is Michelle Obama talking about chemtrails…?



  14. ecotts

    @99minerkc If your having withdrawals, the best thing to do is go stand next to a cell phone mast in the mean time or mains pylon… A Pick me up!!! lol

  15. MannyMarvel

    its part of the elite’s plan for complete control. I ponder how are the ones at the top going to be sustained if all the folks from the middle to the bottom are taken out?
    eventually the house of cards must fail.

  16. godseyeview

    @greenback001 yah like dump Corexit 9500 dispersant owned by Haliburton over BP which Goldman Sachs sold 49 percent stock on 2 days before? the oil spill which will evaporate and cause Corexit 9500 rain so they can sell more swine flu vaccine..


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