MILLIONS of fish dead in CA, Dallas under TORNADO WATCH.. my assessment

A LOT of people are asking me my personal opinion on all of this.. today.. the PREDICTION I made for Dallas Texas, proved to be accurate.. and Dallas is even now under a tornado watch! Millions more animals (fish) wash ashore in California.. again we are hearing the culprit is “no oxygen” in the water.. Thats at least TWICE ive heard that.. once in florida, and now in California… by my calculation, that would mean from florida, around the world to California there is low/no oxygen in the water. say what?! In my PERSONAL opinion, with the number of quakes, volcanos, severe weather, animal deaths, and rumors of NWO take over.. the SIGNS are all around.. and they are only pointing in one direction… This is my belief.. the direction they point is oblivion for our society, and ourselves as well. I sure hope I am wrong… i beg the lord that I am wrong.. but if you’ve got any sort of belief in God at all.. I think now would be the time to start praying for delivery from these things. My heart is heavy today.. peace dutch FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US

25 thoughts on “MILLIONS of fish dead in CA, Dallas under TORNADO WATCH.. my assessment

  1. Chellymike

    No oxygen in water?
    Well that doesn’t make sense considering water is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part OXYGEN h20…..we can’t be fooled that easily

  2. MiracleMile90

    @Slyfo1: “The super volcano was in proximity to important coal and shist gas deposits. The oceans were then acidified and depraved of oxygen and loaded with CO2.”

    And sadly, we’re kinda doing the same thing now……..only in humanity’s case, it’s coming from factories and power plants and such………..but then again, certain powerful business interests and their friends would rather have us believe that 2 + 2 = 3 instead{climate change denial}, it seems.

  3. MiracleMile90

    @cogrn73: HAARP does seem to be capable of modifying electrical fields…………this might also help explain the ‘imminent pole shift’ disinfo which seems to be making its rounds.

  4. MiracleMile90

    I honestly don’t know why you even bothered to make a video. I’m in Dallas and we hardly got anything………and it certainly isn’t HAARP related either. C’mon folks, let’s focus on REAL possible HAARP uses………perhaps the earthquake in Japan?

  5. le399

    Signs… “He who has ear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:15) “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father.”(Matthew 10:29) Indeed, God had permitted calamities and phenomena took and taking place is to forewarn that the TDODC&D is near. Think, read TDODC&D & make choice before too late! Jesus said: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is near.” (Matthew 4:17) Le Nghia, “unworthy servant” (Luke 17:10) Capuchin Franciscan

  6. icicleicicle

    there is no rhyme or reason to these unsettling phenomenons. humans have meaning making minds, if you want to believe these are signs of an apocalypse than you will create the apocalypse for yourself–if you choose to accept these events simply as a cycle of change and impermanence, then you have nothing to fear.

  7. audrey5904

    It is all in scripture….This is a time for people to start calling on the Creator…Our Father YaHuWaH. Cant hide anywhere!

  8. therockkhrd

    isnt FEMA doing another national level exercise along the madrid fault line on mar 15 2011? that would explain the apc and med vehicles but why the tanks?

  9. scarletandsorrow

    @PaleRider626 I should have probably posted that on an oil spill channel. It still is alarming. I totally agree with you what you said, and because there is so much going on, hard to pinpoint cause. Have you ever seen the movie “The Core”? I know it’s only a movie, but what if? There is a scene at the beginning with birds dropping everywhere, and later in the movie, they show a fish kill. More food for thought. Thanks :)

  10. babyjustwin1

    They either say the radar signatures are contrails or fireworks. Here is a video of a weatherman telling the truth.
    He was fired shortly afterward.

  11. screwopenborders

    @babyjustwin1 ok but your missing my point, I’m asking what the weather or radar service says it is. not what someone on youtube says.

  12. Richiesmad

    @Richiesmad Radar Video January 1, 2011

    Weather radar shows something unusual !! Military HAARP & Major WORLDWIDE Heavy Seismic Activity!

  13. WTFisGo1ng0n

    the prophecies in the bible never said WHO would be responsible for the signs. it just said that those are things we would be seeing. so man made or not its reality!

  14. foxtrotcharlybravo

    I think it is poison and dumped into the sea
    and probably close to a big school of sardines
    it’s strange that this fish is the only victim

  15. TL8059

    Dutch I went fishing recently at a large area of multiple ponds on private land in Oklahoma. Usually the fish are biting every other cast, but when I went there were at least 50 dead fish floating along the shore because of oxygen deprivation I guess. And the fishing was terrible. Only caught five in an hour when its usually around 20.

  16. Richiesmad

    @Richiesmad FYI Swarm in Japan Now! WOW! Earth shaking up the methane. I did see a video of a radar cloud at or near Bebe Ark. on January 1 it looked like gas cloud released from the ground, I wonder if it was Methane gas from the fault zone? You see whats going on with all the quakes. The whole Gulf thing, who really knows how much of this was released into the ocean? I think a Methane cloud is what killed the birds and fish.
    Thumbs up for your Videos. Be Ready!

  17. PaleRider626

    @scarletandsorrow The deaths in pensacola is troubling, but the deaths in California even more so since Cali is extremely remote from the spill area. Everyone blaming this on the spill can then infer that the toxins has spread throughout the world. However, I feel it’s more than just the spill corexit etc. Though that can be a contributing factor. I believe the earthquakes, volcanoes, sudden animal deaths, climate change, even political turmoil are somehow connected.

  18. PaleRider626

    @essenceofsin I agree with you. This is much bigger than a localized event. I feel this has to do with global marine imbalance of microbes and bacteria which is overpopulating and depleting the oxygen levels. If that is the case, typically smaller creatures will die off and it will eventually lead to larger species such as dolphins and whales. Of course this isn’t then limited to the ocean as dolphins are mammals like humans. This is deeply troubling and I fear it’s only the beginning.

  19. Richiesmad

    Methane Gas. In addition, there is a large (but unknown) amount of methane in methane clathrates in the ocean floors. The Earth’s crust contains huge amounts of methane. Large amounts of methane are produced anaerobically by methanogenesis. Other sources include mud volcanoes, which are connected with deep geological faults; landfill; and livestock (primarily ruminants) from enteric fermentation. Methane is also an asphyxiant and may displace oxygen in an enclosed space. Asphyxia Look Wiki

  20. rushfan9thcmd

    one thing is for sure, if the hornets are going bonkers, that means you’ve rattled the nest pretty good. If it is good enough to get their attention, you must be on to something. Keep up the great unbiased work!!


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