25 thoughts on “mindthings – Life’s Things

  1. de0ndre

    Like listening to this tune while coding makes debugging much less frustrating, just wish it was a bit longer! Thanks for the upload. 😉

  2. doctorteamkillah

    I could listen to this for the rest of my life and not get annoyed. This song is so awesome I think I need to change pants right now.

  3. thdrmtm

    @MwFreezd They called chem trails!
    They are called “Vapor Trails” as in water vapor. Chem trails is just an adopted name following popular conspiracy theories about them…

  4. Freiheitsammler

    @AbortFlight sorry i don’t have this anymore, but in google picture is much similar of this – “aircraft moon”

  5. thdrmtm

    “chemtrails” are just water vapor. Not toxic chemicals poisoning your brain. They are the same as clouds. .

  6. infrared337

    22 031 vievs
    1… 1 FUCKING DISLIKE! oh well there allways must be atleast some harmony in universe…

  7. unknown5676

    @IslandMediaStudio Mindthings’ has a channel on youtube. He is a single person who makes music, its not a band.

  8. jakedizzle

    @icannotfly Contrails don’t spread out though. They dissipate rather quickly behind the plane. Nothing along the lines of creating its own clouds.

  9. icannotfly

    @jakedizzle yeah, they spread out in the wind just like clouds.
    actually, they’re made of the same stuff as clouds, so that would kinda make sense.

  10. jakedizzle

    @icannotfly Perhaps, but where I use to live I saw them a lot. My father recorded a few. You see the plane fly and over time the trail spreads out. He also took some pictures of the criss cross patterns that spread out.


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