Mobile ChemTrail Unit Spraying Chemical Crap on Public Streets – Western Australia

Mobile ChemTrail Unit Spraying Chemical Crap on Public Streets – Western Australia.

25 thoughts on “Mobile ChemTrail Unit Spraying Chemical Crap on Public Streets – Western Australia

  1. LostTreasureComAU

    I thought there was some evil plan behind this … spraying mozzies… but
    maybe they are spraying us?

  2. TheHenryTown

    this is for mosquitoes, they do this all the time in some developing
    countries like india and bangladesh.

  3. TheCamshafter

    Used in Florida and humid & wet areas in US to control mozzies otherwise
    places would be almost unliveable as they breed like crazy in the swamps.
    Also used in the bayous near human habitation of the deep south…so im
    told!! In Scotland we get blood sucking midges by the trillion during the
    summer…but up north mainly though thank god. They like damp wet areas.
    Very annoying as they love attacking your eyes, ears and nose. Its the
    females that do the biting….nothing new there then!!

  4. aRustyPatina

    Lol, haven’t seen one of those in years! As kids we called the driver “The
    Mosquito Man”. I’m guessing midges = Mosquitos in Australia. W.

  5. waprospecting

    its used to control disease, such as ross river virus.mosquitoes kill more
    humans than any other insects combined

  6. Alan Robers

    Lol, I went camping in Scotland many years ago, was literally attacked by
    them mozzies, bloody scary little buggers them

  7. ThatWeirdFatBloke

    yeah its for mozzies mate, we have one here where I live too. I cant
    remember the exact chemical, but I think its Pyrethrin. Its fairly harmless
    to everything but mosquitoes (so they say).

  8. rotaryhoes

    I actually think they still do, if they have an outbreak of medfly used to
    fire up the aircraft and spray the whole town! Being a fruit grower i wish
    they’d do that here. Without pesticides and insecticides the world would
    starve within a year, most likely less! Even organic growers know this,
    around here they need non organic growers around them to survive!

  9. YouOnlyLaughOnline

    nah midgees are what we call the tiny little sand flies that pee on you and
    cause a burning itching irregular shaped spot. we call mozquitos mozzies.

  10. HiddenTreasureHunter

    sucks man!! I can’t believe you drove through it!! Over here in the US they
    used to spray malathion for med flys and mosquitoes

  11. rotaryhoes

    I tell you what if you don’t want them spraying over your way send him over
    my way! I’d kill for a unit like this, bloody mossies around here make
    outside life impossible at times. Daughter had about thirty bites the other
    day from five minutes outside. This is harmless stuff but too many greenies
    around here you’d get reported for spraying mortein!


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