Morgellons Disease Fibers

All shown are from my body and viewed at x400 magnification with a couple at x20 The white in the background of most pictures is just white tissue paper.

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  1. tanya beason

    i don’t want to sound stupid or anything, so what is morgellons? ive heard SO many different descriptions/ causes? & why doe this eerie fiber rest just under the epidermis? knowing how OCD i am, i? would literally try to cut it out…. yuck…

  2. omybeethoven

    Have any of you been bitten by a sand? fly. From the beach. They can form itching and then you can see white curvy patterns under your skin like scabies only it not scabies if you dare mention morgellan to a dermatologist he or she eillsuggest you are a picker and ask if you want to see a psychiatrist. I have pulled some of them out of my skin and the area heels after that. But look up the word leishmaniasis and u can see it. They are parasites that get in your skin if u are near or end ocean w

  3. Bronson Clarke

    I had no way to e-mail you, but I THINK I may have found something that could help. Since this is a living fiber, it has to be parasitic in nature. Looking at supplements tonight I found Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex (60mL) by NOW Foods. It’s a 2 oz? bottle, and the directions are to use As an herbal dietary supplement, take 1/2-2 droppersful 2-3 times daily in juice or water, before meals and/or at bedtime. You can find it on Lucky Cost is 8.41. Shipping std. 5.35 Try it

  4. no1sebfan

    Imo … unknown parasite along with fungal and bacterial infections… definately in the blood..What about bovine digital dermatitis. Would your be drinking milk or eating beef? And what’s more that makes me mad is it was noticed in the 70’s in Italy. That’s because researches have found? a common link between the the two. The fact that unusual fiber or filament production is associated with spirochetal infection in BDD might suggest that a similar process is involved in Morgellons disease.

  5. fubarmorgz

    thanks for that. didn’t know about the money. i’ll have to check some uk notes.

    i really need to get this out of my body. it’s very hard to live? with.

  6. Freshbrood

    Check out Jan Smith’s research. She is also a Morgellons sufferer.. It’s very interesting, and people need to spread this info. Youtube doesn’t allow posting links, but Google “Jan Smith Morgellons? Security Fibers currency”. These are the same nano technology used in our currency, called “Security Threads”. -the only difference is the fibers in people have a different payload inside. It’s manufactured.

  7. mrwilliamwonder

    I’m scared to go back in the public steam room even though I’m cured for now. Electricity may be what kept my body from killing? it. Public facilities are really off limits these days. Too many new skin diseases and staph…

  8. fubarmorgz

    no florescent light here. I believe you could be on to something with the steam room. I also used a steam? room and got into a bit of a habit of taking long hot steamy showers and had many prescription antibiotics/drugs in my life. I think this may of contributed to causing this or making things worse.

    Im glad you managed to stop this now it must be great to be free of it. I will continue the fight though and am currently look into a detox/exercise program to see if it can help.

  9. mrwilliamwonder

    What about florescent lights? Are you within 5 feet of them at work for long periods? The give off a surprising amount? of stray juice. Yes, I believe I acquired this from my public steam room. Very humid with lots of mold and mildew and the steam room was never bleached out every day. The stream room brought out outbreaks of skin lesions. Stopping the mold exposure helped but to finish it off it took and heal I shut down the electric blankets and wow, the effect was almost immediate

  10. fubarmorgz

    appreciate and understand what you’re saying, but for me personally I don’t believe that’s the main problem with morgellons. I tend to think it is more some kind of unknown fungal infection that a weakened immune system cannot fight. I have an EMF tester at home and have tested around the usual hotspot areas (microwaves, transformers, alarm clocks, computer, etc) and nothing is? above the recommended 2.5mG level unless you are constantly very close to them.

  11. mrwilliamwonder

    From my own experience, I believe an organism has evolved that can live in the skin of the person infected, if and only if the person is also exposed to excessive and chronic (unusual) electrical exposure. All of us actually infected should take comfort in the fact this organism is predictable and behaves relatively the same in all different bodies. For some reason the immune system can’t kill it if under a chronic electrical load. This is nothing crazy? or out there. It’s life adapting…

  12. mrwilliamwonder

    I’m trying to tell you. Desperately trying to tell you, You don’t need to avoid all electricity silly…it takes chronic excessive exposure. Think man…are you a line worker? you use electric blankets. do you? have faults in your home with hot spots like where you sleep? This is not normal exposure! When you remove the electrical source pollution your body will heal itself.

  13. fubarmorgz

    thats an interesting theory. I have read a little about EMF and it’s links with certain health problems, though? it seems almost impossible or at least impractical to avoid it. I am skeptical when looking into EMF as it usually leads to people trying to sell you something.

    How did you cure yourself?

  14. mrwilliamwonder

    I know in part what causes this fubar. Once a fellow is infected with this? organism…this thing…it takes chronic electrical exposure to keep it alive in the skin. You most identify and remove these EMF’s and your body will heal itself. Electricity allows it to live in the skin for some reason.

    I’m virtually cured and you can be too.

  15. mrwilliamwonder

    I don’t know but I call them “runs”. I’d get them about? an long and they were perfectly straight and I know I didn’t scratch myself like that. I can’t believe you and I can talk about this stuff and no one can believe it. No one would even look at my skin when I had it. My doctor asked me for my microscope! I didn’t have it one me at the time!

  16. no1sebfan

    yes now that you mentioned it I had one the other day but it disappeared however it looks that way? on the back… that’s where I can’t reach…Why the straight lines… I’m curious.

  17. fubarmorgz

    Sorry for slow reply. To answer your question yes I get open lesions that take weeks and lots of careful treatment? to heal. Also are very painful and itchy. I have found they heal quicker if the fibres are removed from legion/sores. But of course this is time consuming and can sometimes make the situation worse.

    I haven’t noticed any runs/lines, do you mean like scabies?. thanks for watching

  18. fubarmorgz

    The Microscope is Veho Discovery? Deluxe USB. Though I have a new scope now much more powerful and clearer. Hopefully will get some better material up soon. Thanks for watching.

  19. mrwilliamwonder

    Do you have open lesions that don’t heal or “runs”. “runs” look like straight line scratches? on the skin but are self forming.

  20. no1sebfan

    Yours looks exactly? like mine…we must have the same microscope….This is real and it’s here. thanks for sharing…


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