Morgellons HAARP and Chemtrail Connection

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25 thoughts on “Morgellons HAARP and Chemtrail Connection

  1. Morgellons Coverup

    Thank you for your comment. Do you have Morgellons? No one can wake up to
    Morgellons unless they have it and that is the cold dark truth. No one
    could ever imagine the suffering that this could cause.

  2. Morgellons Coverup

    Colloidal silver does not work on Morgellons and there are many testimonies
    to this effect. I had vaccines as a child and I had the Sabin polio one. I
    had flouride in my water for about 47 years and I had the mercury fillings,
    a mouth full which I have had replaced with the white ones which I hear are
    not safe either. I found a website that sells things for emf but I have not
    got money to waste if it does not work.

  3. Oddiyfuqoro NA

    anybody knows why morgellons larvae are more active during the rain. i
    always thought that it is due to humidity which goes up during the rain.
    But i noticed that they are still active during the rain even if you
    maintain the same humidity and temperature in your room before and after
    the rain(((. It seems to me great mystery. anybody know exept the humidity
    what happens in earth during the rain.

  4. The Gnostic Truth

    Yes… Most people are robots. I’ve seen these chemtrails since I was a
    teenager back in ’89. The horrific truth is that our bodies (your body, my
    body) are programmed to interact with the world and other people AS IF they
    had the same internal conditions that we have. The brain behavior and the
    software (consciousness) that goes with it which are standard here are made
    by the Demiurgos. Most people only have that, they do not have what we have
    in addition, which is an immortal spirit.

  5. Morgellons Coverup

    I had a balance problem for a couple of years after I became seriously ill
    in 2000. I also could not get up from a fall. I fell on the ice and
    literally could not get my legs to work.

  6. Morgellons Coverup

    Yes, but at least you look. I have been to doctors who refused to look into
    my microscope and then label me mentally ill for looking into it.

  7. Oddiyfuqoro NA

    Yeah, maybe fibers not larvae, but anyway since we do not know the exact
    cause of morgellons we just can’t say what is correct and what is mistake
    isn’t it? Also I listed some pages about Cyanobacteria and I come into
    conclusion that morgellons not at all cyanobacteria and any person
    suffering with morgellons can easily realize it.

  8. Aurora LightSky

    This is just the beginning of the fractal rabbit hole. So glad you did the
    show with Billy. I’ll spread this as far and wide as I can. Absorb slowly,
    a word of advice. There are the scientists who are saying the clouds are
    sensient and are breeding…it’s a fractally fracked rabbit hole…

  9. Morgellons Coverup

    The exact cause of Morgellons has been identified already by a scientist
    and notifed CDC overseas of the result. They chose to cover up their
    massive crimes against humanity. You obviously don’t have Morgellons
    because you don’t seem to know much about it.

  10. jbreezes

    Organic food (instead of GMO), real silverware (collidial silver), no
    vaccinations, and probably also fluoride clean water and technology that
    blocks from emf waves. It exists, I’ve seen it before, but just don’t
    remember at the moment where.

  11. clnmyjts

    this fits in with the idea that there is a project blue beam being used
    over our heads within our skies ( yet we still need to remember they can
    only manipulate move around what particals are already there in our air
    thus why they have to add the heavy metals to get the effects they need )
    that why I pointed out how the electric fish technologies could be equal to
    what they are doing with project blue beam & harp thus makes it simple for
    people to see give us a visual of how they are doing it.

  12. The Gnostic Truth

    They can change our thoughts and feelings: They can TRY. Self-control and
    proper meditation is more important now than ever. It may be a war of
    attrition, one may lose one’s body or sanity, but one must not cooperate
    with them, that is the real loss.


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