Morgellons In Chemtrails PROVEN

Please see my other video Morgellons Culture to see what I have now grown from my skin. TWO FORMER FORT DETRICK BIOLOGISTS ADMIT MORGELLONS WAS MADE THERE IN THE 60’s As of two weeks ago I have full blown Morgellons. Many of the fibers coming out are similar to stuff in this video. The fibers coming out of my body do not burn with a blow torch neither do they dissolve or change at all after being left in 35% peroxide for 15 hours, I AM IN AGONY. and am finding it hard to function. The top of my body is covered in massive painful sores as are the full length of my arms. Sometime soon when I am more coherent I will put up a slide show of my body and the different things emerging from my body, I have a dark field microscope as I am a CAM Practitioner and a Clinical Nutritionist. The really scary thing is I am seeing similar blood conditions that seem to relate to Morgellons in more and more of my clients. Photos now on I am now over this attack but still feel worn out. My body has recovered my spirit will take a bit more time.

25 thoughts on “Morgellons In Chemtrails PROVEN

  1. TheTinker2e

    Yesterday was? 11/3/2010 and there were so many chemtrails in the skys over Santa Cruz, CA that the air looked? like fog and smelled like LA. I have asmtha and I could not breath. I called the EPA in Monterey and they said that they could not test anything in the air unless there was a fire or somekind of accident. These “contrails” are just taking over the skys.


    @un4g1v3n1 i’ve been thinking the same thing,then it occurred to me the planes are probably unmanned or else some pilot somewhere would blow the wistle.Watched the planes seed the storm that was responsible for over 30 tornadoes and atleast one death at Notre Dame during the week of 10/23/10.I’ll keep watching but dont know what to do.Sky watching in Ft.Worth,TX.God Bless

  3. cronicjointpain

    @UFOChemtrails yeah kinda crazy, but i guess its possible, i mean shit we already know how advanced the technology is that’s hidden from us, at least some of it, just imagine the things that haven’t been leaked and we know absolutely nothing about.
    this shits fucked up man we need to do something about this, and hold the people doing it responsible for committing huge crimes on all of humanity, and all life on earth, if your theory’s right then were gonna need people who are involved to talk

  4. UFOChemtrails

    @cronicjointpain Well like most conspiracy theorists I have have a Theory….the spray comes out of a capsule that is contained inside a small missle…that is what you actually see flying through the sky….not a plane, but a missle that is cloaked as something else. Crazy huh. :)

  5. UFOChemtrails

    @un4g1v3n1 It is difficult to find the bases because they are private, paid for by local governments. The “planes” are holographs created with electromagnetic technology. They have made it extremely hard to trace the sources.

  6. Woodchipz79

    MY UNKLE HAD MORGELLONS. THEN IT WENT AWAY AFTER A COUPLE MONTHS. STUPID DOCTORS SAID “oh there’s nothing wrong OR “i dnt know what that is”


  7. MoiselSpecky

    After the blob webs came the cloudy skies and the rain. I noticed the stuff stuck in my trees and on my bar b q griller, the grass and the flowers all had blobs and webs. The next day I went out to look again and they were gone. Dissolved maybe?

  8. MoiselSpecky

    We are being sprayed continuously here in Austria. Last week I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, when the planes came and started spraying. I stayed outside just long enough to see these “webs” come from the sky. They were very very thin webs that you could only see if you tilted your head a certain way in the sunlight. There was a thin web and a small white “blob” at the end. The “blob” was (I assume) the head of the thing because it came down blob first. They stuck to everything.

  9. dase4321

    @un4g1v3n1 i dont think so theres alot of helicopters and small planes that take off from there but lately ive bee seeing jet planes come from and too its direction


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