Morgellon’s Instant Cure?

A cure using ordinary household items: Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets in the bathwater is claimed by a woman as an instant cure for Morgellon’s disease. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger was mentioned in the blog in relation to Morgellon’s disease being the result of nanotechnology.

25 thoughts on “Morgellon’s Instant Cure?

  1. underworldclassroom

    there are some interesting remedies that people posted in? the comments and maybe some of these might ease the suffering from this terrible disease. i hope you find help from some of these comments and if you find anything that is helpful, please feel free to share the information. too many people are suffering. thanks and i hope you get relief from this very soon.

  2. underworldclassroom

    thank you for this valuable information. are you using dermal magnesium or taking it in the form of pills?? thanks.

  3. muse4you2

    I am adding more videos as I can and I wanted to say they hate being underwater and different techniques such as water with peroxide and other componets like cinnamon or mint, Sea salt baths with tea tree oil and lemon weed? sage, andhave started taking magnesium which appears to be working. The peroxide will bring the fibers to the top of your skin but you do have to soak for some time, I also spray a breather mask on the inside with it and breath for about 20 min killing what is in your lungs.

  4. Brent McElwee

    get super antibiotics about 100
    drench your body in betadyne let dry
    shower off & follow with? warmed lysterine.
    worked for me!

  5. underworldclassroom

    thank you so much for this feedback and thank you for your suggestions. anyone reading this will be helped. you mentioned updating your site, do you have a web site that would help people. i know yt does not like web site references, but if you left the name with out the other dot….stuff, people could reference that and be helped by your information. thanks? so much.

  6. muse4you2

    However just because it might not get all of them you should not use the Sun detergent? daily as my hair is nothing more then dried threads now. Good luck and I will keep posting my progress with the other things I am trying.

  7. muse4you2

    Shampoo and I am using sea salt and peroxide and even protein shake mix. I have finally got down to 2 to 3 baths and the amount of stuff that comes out gets smaller every week. I spray the peroxide on any places that collect dust and i take a spoonful of sea salt, a shot of cidar vinegar and lots of water. I am updating my site? to help people unfortunately I am now losing my home as all I have time for is this. I have the chips that came out along with other unexplainables. I would say try it.

  8. muse4you2

    I tried? this and I had to stop because of the phosphates in the detergent. My roomates have all seen what I get out of me. Including microchips. It’s not the detergent it’s the fact you are emersing them underwater so baths are constant for me. I am on the verge of a for real cure but unless she was in the very early stages one bath didn’t cure anything for me. Has I take baths 4 to 5 times a day with the same results thousands each time. I am working with alfalpha, st johns wort, and regular

  9. Blacksquareable

    That’s really interesting. I wonder if anyone has ever had a positive experience when they went to see? a doctor about morgellons.

  10. underworldclassroom

    you are most welcome and it is my pleasure to try? to help. i wish there was no suffering and if we pooled our knowledge, we could come up with a solution. thank you for your kind comment.

  11. wingsonmyback1

    thank? you for your interest in this horrible afflection, most people that dont have it doesnt really want to get involved with it.

  12. underworldclassroom

    i hope that this is helpful and provides relief. many have commented on various techniques and products that are reported to be helpful. so i hope that there is some good information in the comments that others have shared that might be another source of remedies and treatment. there is? too much suffering from this. i hope you stay well and never have any more flair ups. thank you.

  13. wingsonmyback1

    thank you for posting this, I have flare ups about once a year with is on my forearm, the biting and scratching drives me crazy.? The little sores that bust on there own and the small seed like pods just below the top layer of skin. I had tried straight bleach, peroxide, bug spray, and even heating a knife on the stove to lay in one of the biting sores (left a scar) did nothing to relieve the torment, I will try this when it flairs up again

  14. in2digitalspace

    I am new to this but it sounds serious and freaky.. Not to mention the biggest fucking crime against humanity.. I was half asleep last night half listeningbtonthe radio , I think it was 360 science radio on the net, and I heard them say sheep are eating and getting infected with nano worm things that get into blood cells and change DNA , that woke me? up. We are eating this stuff, I tried to find the station and the PDF that the guy said he uploaded but could not find it.

  15. underworldclassroom

    thank? you so much for your kind and informative comment. always excellent hearing from you and being in touch. peace 2 u as well! :)

  16. IChoseTheRedPill

    Hey! Awesome to run into one of your videos during? my research! I suspect that this Morgellons is some type of fungal organism although I’m finding some people are calling it a type of nano technology. This mms is an anti fungal among other things. It’s also a fairly strong oxidizer which fungal organisms can not tolerate. It was nice seeing you in a video even if it was an older one I didn’t catch when you first put it up…

    PeaCe2U my friend…

  17. underworldclassroom

    i do not know if certain areas are more effected than? others. great question that needs to be researched. thanks.

  18. freedomlovelydovey

    Why do you assume there is no cure? There is more than likely a cure for every disease under the sun if you look? in the right places. What works for one person may not work best for another, and vice versa. Colloidal silver is an all-spectrum anti-microbial and has worked for some people who have Morgellon’s. There are many anti-microbial herbs which could be tried. Heavy detoxing should help, also. I wouldn’t give up, and I wouldn’t discount another person’s method if it worked for them.


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