Morgellons – Part 2 – Nightline – CDC Skin Fiber chemtrails Morgellons – Part 2 – Nightline – CDC – Skin Fiber Disease – chemtrails – contrails

25 thoughts on “Morgellons – Part 2 – Nightline – CDC Skin Fiber chemtrails

  1. zoolook1000

    I cant stand this its just like the Nazis in? world war11,nobody wanted to say any think for fear of being murdered this is so sick

  2. gr3g0snz

    CDC cant say? what causes it because they cant tell you its caused by MONSANTO, Agrobacterium tumefaciens is used by MONSANTO to inject DNA into plant cells to create their “ROUNDUP READY” Soy Cotton and Corn seed stock.
    This agrobacterium has now started to inject genes into human cells.
    Talk about GE gone wrong!!
    I repeat CDC cant tell anyone whats causing it because MONSANTO has caused it and if they tell they will be SUED BIG TIME!!!.
    Question for humanity Are you “ROUNDUP READY”?

  3. Gillian766

    The dancing fiber at 4.09minutes belongs to me, I have the full length version. Thank you ABC for including my fiber in your? story, however I have a question – how did you get a hold of my video? & WHY did NO ONE ask my permission first? I’m having a hard time getting anyone to believe me in Australia. I do hope you can understand my frustration. Thank you.

  4. N1k1mon

    Just so its clear…I spent the first 2 1/2 years trying to get help, after that I gave up on the medical establishment and did the best I could on my own but thats a private matter. Unfortunately it finally ended up getting worse and I was forced to begin seeking help again after a year and a half and luckily I only had to survive? 3 idiot doctors before finding a real one. Turns out the man was once the pain and injury doc for a major league baseball team as well as an ARMY surgeon, no slouch.

  5. N1k1mon

    @DethSpec I was “doubted” for 2 1/2 years about a simple f***ing neck problem, of course these morons are going to spit out some BS about how this is all delusions. At one point, after so many doctors telling me I was crazy, I? almost began to believe them…There are more doctors like this than anyone would imagine, I suffered 4 years and almost died before finding one to actually do anything and wadda ya know, I had the exact problem I thought. Doctors are mostly idiots with lots of schooling.

  6. 1BBrazil

    persons through colonic irrigations. i first thought it was a fuzzball parasite i researched on the internet. But recently i have a client who has all symptoms of morgellons . he has lesions? and feels stinging and biting and things coming our of his skin. so through a series of colonics we finally seen many of them swarming through. , so definately in the colon. i would like more info if any1 can post. ty

  7. 1BBrazil

    Theory—-do you think that this is our natural killer defense in the body to try and eliminate these (morgellons) out through the pores of our skin? i have seen some videos on u tube of people claiming they sometimes see a worm come out as well, could it be intestinal worms are threatened and being invaded by the infestations of these fiber fuzzies and carrying them out of the body (there home)(our? bodies). i am a colon hydro therapists and i have seen these since about 2007 in about 25

  8. eerikka801

    The American Institute of Advanced Medicine
    Margellons- do you want to live with it, or with out it? If you answer is? to live with out it, then call us at 1-877-414-2426 or visit our website to chat with us.

  9. laraaiam55

    The American Institute of Advanced Medicine has an effective treatment that will completely eradicate your skin disease. If this is a? Disease that you are living with and you would like to live without it, then go to You can chat live with a medical assistant and learn how we can help you. We believe this disease is real and are here to listen.

  10. BeautyHealthZoneBlog

    Look up Transhumanism, this explains a little bit about all the Chemtrails and Genetically Modified foods they are trying to force us to eat without our approval or? consent.

    They are trying to manipulate our DNA and create a Superman race, think X-MEN and whoever doesn’t survive the manipulation and EVOLVE will probably die of complications from all these ailments.

    That’s why they are so obsessed with collecting everyone’s DNA, so they can know what to add to their experiments.

  11. BeautyHealthZoneBlog


    Hmmm, but? what is the point of that elevated position if you don’t care about the welfare of people……Doctors need to listen more and think out of the box more.

  12. BeautyHealthZoneBlog


    I agree with you. Some Doctors/Specialists (so called) don’t listen to what you have to say, argue blindly with you despite the fact that we have infinite possibilities in this universe, they will tell you stuff like, well x people from x place don’t? get x ailment. How daft is that, no logic whatsoever. I like people who think logically, not just those who think everything written in a book or on paper is the holy grail because there are things science just can’t explain at times.

  13. lynnegordon

    There is a test you can do to prove whether you have been infected yet.

    You can find it at oxygentherapyprogram redwinetest If you cant figure out the web addy, feel free to contact me for it.

    Nothing for sale? here. Just helpful information.

  14. deadadelta

    NWO have? us DRUGGED with a NeuroToxin its not like Cocaine, Pot, Alcohol etc its a? TOXIN

    its Mercury, Barium, Lead, ARSENIC=rat? poison etc see the Chart at? 26:32 in Film “PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES” at wwwFluorideActionnet

    This Poison is Causing CANCER, ALZEHEIMERS, 1/3 of Population is DEPRESSED thinking of SUCIDE Today, Soldiers get Extra High Dose of? Sodium Fluoride Google REX-84

    take Pure Water & MAGNESIUM see SCIENTIST youtube =georgeeby

    To FEEL GOOD Get your PH upto 7-8

  15. Hosanna1Love

    thx brutha. not sure if your the revolutionary messiah that just bust outta da stockade lol or your mi from dead prez. if we dont spread the word about these chemtraills morgellons which is all scripted up in the bible as one of the 4 horses of the apocalyse ie pestilence. ppl got dead flies buzz out their heads and worms from eyes but still wont Wake da fuck? UP and get they are in a way dead already and living in a next low level of hell. tiochardi ar la/chucki ar la….our day has come :-)

  16. MainTightSqueeze

    It’s a synthetic nano material that uses biological tissue to multiply: the fabled “grey goo”, if? you will. We are, at best, lab rats; and at worst, the factories for pseudo-biological weaponry.

  17. Mathadar

    I would be scared to go over to her house if she kept claiming she might be contagious. She is letting herself get into a depression over it too. That lightening at the end hurt my ears, due to the fact I had to turn up the volume to hear the video. Next time look? up various skin and FUNGAL diseases before you post something unrelated to Chemtrails, but related to an interesting disease. People can have symptoms of pregnancy without being pregnant, the mind is powerful, it can change bodies.


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