Morgellons the TRUTH !

ORIGINAL! This is my video of my skin and fibres and my book. This is not a new disease! I’ve had them since 1991. Since at least 1938 patients have been diagnosed with ‘Delusions of Parasitosis’. Morgellon sufferers also have this diagnosis. Many have been admitted into Mental Health Units for what is probably a genuine physical ailment. Can you imagine the implications including the amount of compensation claimed when the truth is exposed? UPDATE: – Phemigoid antibodies have been found in my blood by my new Dermatologist. I have now been diagnosed with ‘Pre Bullous Pemphigoid’. It has taken over twenty years to find out what is causing these lesions/ulcerations. Documentation shows that Bullous Pemphigoid can be caused by chemicals. The ‘Pre Bullous Pemphigoid’ stage is documented as lasting many years. I am absolutely certain that my lesions have been caused by the Lignocaine/Lidocaine injections that I undertook at the dentist triggered this reaction. Also my Immunologist has found that I have low pneumococcal antibodies.

25 thoughts on “Morgellons the TRUTH !

  1. SmalltimR

    I laughed at the doctor story.
    That being said, our environment is filled with fibers which collect all over the body over the years. This also means? that they will embed themselves in the skin in part of the regeneration process.

  2. Xavier Aéroprod

    oh my ! im so sorry for you my friend !, try adding orgonite in your? life, maybe it could heal you, it can heal everything !

  3. madd marcii

    there is no proof that it comes from clothing. that’s a very careless statement to make. there’s something much deeper going on here. we’re talking government? ie” germ warfare. not simply clothing manufacturing.

  4. ravewood777

    7 dust everything! repeat 7 dust repeat. I put it in with carpet freshener then used. include total body sponge baths too. test small area first and wait for reaction. If none then proceed. don’t forget pets and auto,mop water, yard.? pair use with bug bombs. Wait a week repeat. wait another week repeat. If symptoms persist repeat again.. Note: Skin may show some symptoms as these dead critters work out of skin. Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for adverse reactions of ANY kind

  5. tom joneey

    morgellons comes from clothes or fabric that is new. this is why every should wash the fabric in the washer before you use it or wear it for the first time

    hope this helps someone out there from getting this in? the future

    this could be to do with some industrial chemicals that are used when manufacturing farbics

  6. Don Jusko

    You are right, I had my first red hair growing from my palm in Jan 2012 (dated photo) . It took days of searching for what it was. I finally found the term morgellon associated with it and found the first website and a connection to a med unit/group in Arizona? that was collecting samples but finding reasons for them as fast as they were getting them. I forgot their name. That was the beginning, it was not a common term but I did find the? first article written by someone named Morgellon.

  7. 216trixie

    Twenty years ago I used a lot of meth or a couple of years. I had these fibers, but no sores. The fibers? were exactly like in this video. Red and blue ones.

  8. Laurel Sobol

    So sorry for you, try going non GMO and getting a great filtering system for your home. The only defense is stopping the chemtrail spraing of GMO,Nuclear Toxic Waste, Virus,Bacteria and nanotechnology/biotechnology used in conjunction with H.A.A.R.P. systems worldwide? to alter DNA

  9. Clarince1

    Those are abnormal cells that replicate to defective tissues, veins, and follicles. It irritates due to its tumor-? like properties. A deformed cell is isolated by the healthy cells thus it multiplies other useless cells to assure its survival- a outer membrane of thick viable fibers that irritates its surrounding. Or just maybe deformed nerve fibers that is exposed in the dermis causing irregular sensation.

  10. amno54

    see the resident evil 6’s trailer . you can? see? the subliminal morgellons in the 6 in the end of trailer. and, the story is ‘umbrella launch bactériological attack

  11. TheFalcon2227

    I’ve had it since 1989 and when it happens, when a place comes up on your skin you know that it is different than anything else you’ve had. I bought a handheld microscope from RadioShack, ($12) and even though I have always known, when I saw the fibers, stalagtite-looking crystal formations, multi-colored “lights” and lavendar fluorescent looking film I was horrified. If we are to take a mark on our bodies in order to buy or sell, (Rev.)? our bodies would first have to be prepared wouldn’t they?

  12. Jennie Walsh

    These are created by Satan worshippers in their secret laboratories. They are always coming up with new methods of suffering and death. They do not need chemtrails to spread this stuff around but it is likely that they use that method for wider distribution. Try camphor, fresh &strong garlic oil rubbed firmly into the skin. Try keeping the skin exposed to cool and dry air like a fan or blow dryer on cool. Try Listerinine mouthrinse sprayed on the? itchy areas and smoothed around.


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