MUST SEE!!! CHEMTRAIL BOMBSHELL…Qantas Caught Red Handed March 29/30th 2012

Qantas has been exposed big time in its spraying of chemtrails over Melbourne. We capture on 2 consecutive days how differently the 2 flights (QF63 and QF64)…

25 thoughts on “MUST SEE!!! CHEMTRAIL BOMBSHELL…Qantas Caught Red Handed March 29/30th 2012

  1. Con safos

    tRIPOD FOR You ! :) And shorten it all, will be more pedagogic with less
    talk and frustration over the trolls! :)) ..and don’t even bother – the cat
    is outta the bag, anyone with internet can easy find the evidence. They
    just lazy & weakminded, but internet is a force to be reckoned with. Good
    work . peez out

  2. AussieActivist eVe

    PEEKAY, yet again another beautiful piece of work. Been flat out at UNI
    awakening the sheeple! Got a new camera so new vids coming next spray I
    see. Take Care mate

  3. Justin D

    wow thats surprising because they run stories that are just dumbass and I
    thought it would be controversial which they like. I am trying to
    understand this stuff better, Ive looked at sites on both sides and I still
    dont understand what makes a chemtrail, I know u state that its the size of
    the tail and how long it stays together for but the scientists say that
    contrails can take those sizes due to differences in weather etc.

  4. myalteredstateofmind .

    The prick pilots will be put up against a wall after landing. After they
    signing secret agreements “I was following orders” will not work in there
    defense. Nuremberg trials did not stop hanging with a false defense.
    Fluoride promoting freaks will be next, then….the rebellious servants….
    government parasites, full stop

  5. cicatrixta

    as a small child on a flight I saw a thin wispy mist corkscrewing off the
    wingtip and full of curiosity pointed it out to a flight attendant.
    Exclaiming she deemed me a very lucky boy explaining that only under very
    rare occations, under exactly the right conditions is one to witness
    visable vapour trails happening. She went on to say that as a flight
    attendant even she rarely saw them. Guessing that was around 25 yrs ago….
    I’ll never forget how lucky I was that day to see a real vapour trail

  6. peekay22

    ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. The Major Airlines are impossible to talk to. Only
    contact is thru email and you get nothing out of them. The last thing they
    will tell you is info about who flies their planes. The Chemtrail spraying
    is the greatest hidden agenda you can imagine so their not going to give
    anything away.

  7. AussieActivist eVe

    @justind71 See “what in the world are they spraying” avail here on YouTube.
    Explains with research. Well researched and documented.

  8. verastaki

    I agree. I been seeing this chem-trailing like never before after 2008. and
    its starting to get very noticebly obvious. It just amazes me how so many
    people are walking, driving, looking up in a sky, and still dont realize
    whats going on, how far theyalready got with this chemtrailing crap. When
    you try to tell people about it, some people get shocked and believe whats
    going on. But most think its bunch of crap or youre just crazy. They would
    come up with excuses like ” Its just a plane exhaust”

  9. peekay22

    Had a call from a mate playing golf in Werribee last week early in
    morning…the course was covered in chemwebs.

  10. EyeWarnUB4Eye8U

    Whats funny, the movie RAIN MAN with hoffman and cruise immortalized
    Quantas as “the safest airline in the world” touting its zero crash record.
    Fucking hollywood industrial military complex! Quantas may have worst
    record for DEATHS then any other airline caused by CHEMTRAILS unleashing
    nano-tech hybrid mutant silicon CREATURES created in labs called
    MORGELLONS, which in fact are “surveillance” bots unloaded on everything
    living or not to give them designer virus’s and diseases.

  11. babiiblueboi

    Your talking about the F1 races huh? :) (american f1 fan for over 10years)
    BUT to the more important things.GREAT VIDEO you nailed the dumbasses who
    dont think they are real.But when their is a major world event or someone
    from the gov is in town they dont it,this explains why there werent doing
    it for those two weeks.

  12. Brian Patterson

    When its warmer outside more people are too. The more people that breathe
    it in is the agednda. First thing in the am is the time they like so we get
    all day zombie chemicals absorbed into our asses. Good video

  13. alphawhiskycharlie

    We need ground staff who can take a closer look at that offending 747 to
    see if there are any noticeable spray nozzles on the fuselage or wings
    because I don’t think it’s in the fuel. I could be wrong but whatever is
    being dumped on us is being dispensed externally.Gas turbine or turbojet
    engines require such precision in the fuel composition to burn properly.
    Adding foreign matter to fuel may affect the combustion process by reducing
    the thrust horsepower of an aircraft’s engines.

  14. peekay22

    Melbourne has today been sprayed by RAAF EVY80 at 41,000 feet. Hit us about
    3:30 over North / West..Turned off Spray as it dropped altitude past Melb
    to land in Sale. Video coming soon

  15. AussieActivist eVe

    @justind71 Main stream media is heavily censored. Even if they wanted to,
    the likes of getting it passed an editor is highly doubtful. It’s up to the
    people of the world.

  16. aphexau

    as a commercial pilot and an aircraft maintenance engineer, i can assure
    you aircraft manufacturers and airlines would not ever spend any of their
    money to purchase what ever you think these ‘chemicals’ are, nor would they
    ever sacrifice weight within the aircraft to carry such a ridiculous load.
    contrails are a natural phenomenon which vary greatly in magnitude
    according to the meteorological conditions of the day and at that
    particular area or altitude. what you suggest is a classic example.

  17. trdrmom

    Any of you people on here who believe this crap is condensation are either
    blind or just total sheep. Here in Chicago, Illinois, USA I live 10 minutes
    from one of the busiest airports in the world. The normal flight patterns
    are very consistent. The chemtrail planes make checkerboard patterns in the
    sky. This crap spreads out and by days end, the sky is covered in it. That
    is not a contrail! Wake up everyone or you will get what you deserve for
    keeping your head in the sand. Great video.


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