Mysterious Animal Deaths; Is It Prophecy?

The numbers of various animals dying off in mass numbers seems to be occuring in greater numbers in the last few weeks. I wanted to get this video out in hopes of helping those who might be afraid. Some believe that HAARP is responsible, while others blame the Chemtrail phenomena. It’s probably both. Whatever it is, it’s damned serious. You won’t see a lot of what’s happening around the world on America’s State controlled media. Obviously, whatever is causing this is deadly, and is beginning to move up the food chain. Extra Tags: dungeons and dragons,ufos, trillions of dollars in debt, new world order conspiracy, martial law in america 2010, martial law in america 2012, economic collapse 2010, economic collapse, economic collapse 2012, police state 2010,nimrod, antichrist, single currency, alex jones, martial law, puppet presidents, illuminati plots, dark powers, lucifer, transformers illuminati, transformers 3programming “mind control” “dark secrets” “wake up” control sheeple “weird things in movies” “reversed messages” backmasking “occult in movies” “satan and scar”subliminal advertsalien sighting, ufo sighting, global government, conspiracy, ufos, annukai, giants, aliens, hybrids, genetic experiments, nephilim, occult, occult ceremonies, john todd, council of 300, 9/11 conspiracy, false flag, “subliminal advertising” disney “subliminal messages” “little mermaid” “lion king” “disney subliminal messages” “percy jackson” “illuminati in movies” “steve jackson illuminati

25 thoughts on “Mysterious Animal Deaths; Is It Prophecy?

  1. fawkUtube

    @shadowhacker27 we are eating cloned meat now and dont care about what goes into our mouths or bodys so do you think its punishment for this? … well in order for us to accept the mark of the beast to “buy and sell” logistically all edible wildlife would have to dissapear. Correct?

  2. shadowhacker27

    What happens if you shoot someone? You get punished!
    What happens if you grab a woman ass on the street and she calls the police? You get punished
    What happens to kids that don’t do what their parents say? they get punished
    What happens when you do something to your girl that u shouldn’t? You get punished!

    If all I have said makes sense, it’s clear than when we disobey the norms, we get punished in some way.
    Why is God considered bad for being just? God doesn’t kill, we kill.

  3. shadowhacker27

    @dharmanova Yes, I was right there in the crucifixion, and still He saved me. Your read that right! I Killed Jesus and Jesus saved me. You have no idea what hell is like. You have hollywood representation of Hell, which is like kids playground. Have you put your hands in boiling water? try it and multiply that by 1000 and you still won’t get the exact amount of pain that people receives in hell. God is God and He deserves obedience. What happens when you disobey the rules/laws? You get punished!

  4. firuinthehouse

    @curiouscrutiny Read quite a bunch of it. Needless to say at a certain point it did get boring :)

    Before you ask yes I read Revelations and all that apocalyptic stuff. I doubt it has anything to do with this, and even if it does, it would be a tiny drop of truth in an ocean of spam 😉

  5. curiouscrutiny

    @firuinthehouse lol have you ever actually ever read the bible or are you just a sheep bleeting crap you heard?

  6. SCZDN

    “the gates opened, followed by a white light, and Jesus said “bring me a taco” – removed 3:12

  7. Kwizmatix

    God offers the signs for those with sight. For those who don’t believe in God, blame it on HAARP if that makes you feel more comfortable. But whatever you believe, understand that our planet has an eco system which links all life in a food chain. ALL life on this planet is a perfect balance dependent upon food & water . Anything we do to compromise this balance is a threat to ourselves and WILL catch up with us! Since we didn’t create this… We should have been more mindful to respect this.

  8. jqs1943

    What has happened in the past, what is happening now, or what will happen in the future that is consequential to nature’s ways; we can’t control or change them.
    Any precautionary meassure that we take to forbear or to abstrain them will simply wait and catch up to us.
    What else can i say other than tighten up your sit belts and get ready for a rough ride as i foresee that thing are going to get a lot rougher.

  9. thahoketoteh

    It is very similar to what was happening in Exodus, with the 7 plagues just before the Hebrews left.

  10. rcroach23

    dont you see, the rapture has happened in the animal world. only the believers were taken to little birdy heaven. that was a stupid joke, sorry.

  11. TheSignsoftheTime

    @dharmanova – I agree with you regarding organized religion. They have done a wonderful job sabotaging the Word in the Bible. But knowing this should validate the Word in your mind. Yeshua warned us about organized religion AND priest in His day. Also I have read the Bible cover to cover BUT with a Theologian and Apologetic supplementation. Without them you will NEVER understand the Word. Get back to me when you do this.

  12. dharmanova

    @Voltroy22 Also learn to spell, before trying to teach others the lies you haven’t read yourself, hypocrite! At least study the Bible as diligently as I. And, know that I WILL take you with me there, where the flame is its darkest hue, and many others like you! And you shall see how impotent your Lord is, how powerless he is, how unwilling to redeem you!
    There is only one flame that purifies the soul and you shall not escape it.
    Now fall on your knees before your God, he needs your support :-)

  13. dharmanova

    @Voltroy22 I studied the Bible. I am a diploma bearing Theologian. I studied theology in a Greek Orthodox Seminary in Mt. Zion Jerusalem. You can call the place and they will confirm if you like. I have defrocked myself and entered secular studies for other degrees because I KNOW THE BIBLE from cover to cover in Latin, English Greek and Church Slavonic. AND I KNOW OF THE CRIMES OF THE EVIL MONSTER YAHWEH who is your God.
    Don’t even try to patronize me, fool. And study The Old Testament YOURSELF

  14. dharmanova

    @000Winter000 You are not familiar with evil demon Yahwe of The Bible who has authorized “his Israelite children to put the babes and the defenceless people of other tribes under the ax. You DO NOT KNOW THE TORA. Read it and get back to me when you are more informed


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