Mysterious Caller on Alex Jones / Coast to Coast – Chem Trail Proof?

Some women called in to Alex Jones and they say Alex cut her short, she then called Coast to Coast giving information about a document LINK TO DOCUMENT alex jones chem trails coast to coast mysterious caller polar shift weather modification gerald celente bob chapman gold silver egypt riots comet elenin post glacial rebound

24 thoughts on “Mysterious Caller on Alex Jones / Coast to Coast – Chem Trail Proof?

  1. riceburnagtv

    Exactly.? You know it is highly improbable for this to be happening but want to hang onto the glimmer of hope that it is. That is not logic my friend.Collect evidence, present the facts and make a decision. that is how a rational person comes to conclusions.Not hit a brick wall and then search for way it can still be true.There are no scientific articles, just pieces written by pro chrmtrail believers.You will not find ANY reports from atmospheric scientists ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE that back this.Why?

  2. Scampergirl

    I don’t know WHY or HOW these chemicals are being dispersed. Nor do I necessarily believe every commercial airplane is fitted out. There are more scientific commentaries from people if you want to actually do the research. There are far too many articles in regard to atmospheric changes and chemicals found in otherwise “pristine” areas. Do you OWN research.. You have traded in logic for denial. The only way to provide definite PROOF is revelation? from those responsible.

  3. riceburnagtv

    I asked a very very simple question. One you refuse to ask because it makes you question your faith. Its like me saying to a Christian, cmon its not possible to put EVERY animal on a boat, and they say I dont know but it just is…You are doing the same thing. You have switched off logic to maintain your BELIEF. This is your? religion! Now this may be fed by a deeper mental issue, I dont know but that is what I have seen quite frequently when dealing with chemtrail believers.

  4. Scampergirl

    Classic response from sceptics….accuse the opposing side of mental illness. The reason we don’t have answers for you is? because the people who KNOW are not GIVING us the answers. You think its some sort of historical oddity that governments keep information for their citizens? By all means bury your head into the sand further… one cares.

  5. riceburnagtv

    Umm like cloud seeding? Agent orange? WHy dont you take the time to explain to me how every commercial airplane was fitted out to do this,.hey? maybe even explain if the “spray” is from the engines or nozzles? Why do you guys avoid questions if this is so clear cut?I wont hold my breath for an answer from you and unfortunately for your brain you just dig deeper into the conspiracy hole rather than see this for the hoax that it is by not coming to an explanation… = schizophrenia

  6. Scampergirl

    Errr…you might want to do a little research yourself. The U.S. has admitted to using chemicals in? the air for various projects since the late seventies. It’s as “REAL” as it gets bro…..

  7. riceburnagtv

    You will not find hundreds of thousands of people crazy enough to believe in this BS let alone have the courage to get out of their tinfoil suits? and basements and actually leave the house. Try actually picking up a highschool level science book and start from there.So many REAL issues out there and you guys are fearing clouds. *shakes head*

  8. riceburnagtv

    If “everyone” able to contribute their 2 c we would get nothing done. Just look at how much dis info you guys spread as gospel because people like Alex Jones etc spewed it out. The simple fact is, some people are smarter than others, no conspiracy there. unfo4rtunately there are now a whole bunch of people brought together by the internet who seem to? think they know better than people who have devoted their entire lives to (insert science here) and seem to have an opinion on everything.

  9. riceburnagtv

    Yeah? man cause the techtonic plates are not trillions of tonnes in weight or anything. Geezus christ did you even attend science classes in school?

  10. GentxScholar

    because it’s not that simple. it would be much more convenient for everyone to understand the laws of Earth if it were however. the day humans try to create their? own Earthquake is the day the Earth shakes us off. That’s the simplest way i can put it

  11. JohnDrakeMI6

    Matt G. I wasn’t making reference to that incident. I know Alex Jones from other angles and experience. I am a Former Government Agent as well as a whistle-blower and was “scheduled” to do an interview, but got cancelled without reason, but I? had done a previous radio show with a competitor named John XXXXXXXXX. Apparently, Alex’s “secretary” Violet was trying to make up answers as she went along and she did a terrible job of it.I have been on Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes, George Putnam,Art Bell,

  12. Matt G

    For a lot of people I think it is easier for them to take what is spoon fed than to accept or acknowledge the true, probably mostly due to fear.? The truth today is very threatening but knowledge is power.

  13. Matt G

    There is more to it than controlling the weather. This is could probably the most ingenious weapon ever, and no one could actually? prove that you have used it.

  14. Matt G

    Listen for a moment, I can create an earthquake to an? anthill by stomping my foot next to it or a tsunamis by turning on a hose near the hill, and to the ants it is very real. So why not on a larger scale with technology man create the same effect on the earth?


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