Mysterious Contrail or Chemtrail Looks Like A Missile Launch – Buckeye, Arizona 12/6/2010

What is this? This does not look like your ordinary chemtrail or contrail. This looks like a missile launch. Please tell me what you guys think this is, Could this be a Missile Launch or is it just a “contrail”? Please don’t tell me this is swamp gas. Looking East from Buckeye, Arizona 8:44 AM 12.06.2010

25 thoughts on “Mysterious Contrail or Chemtrail Looks Like A Missile Launch – Buckeye, Arizona 12/6/2010

  1. MrZephyros

    Contrail. Persistent, because it was laid in ice-saturated air. Happens a lot. Ppl call them chemtrails, and that happens a lot, too.
    That’s what I think. Thanks for the documentation, and thanks for the one you did the next day.
    Same time, same place… south like a schedule to you, an airline schedule. Daily service someplace to someplace; obviously not local.

  2. MrRunningwolfe

    It’s a missile shot off by the Chinese. There was a news article I read on it. It was a Chinese sub that launched a missile to taunt (or show off) the America. The Government (U.S.) knew it but told the people that it was a aircraft (plane) in order to keep us ignorant and not let us know that our security system failed.

  3. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Wait a sec. Maybe I was already at work when I saw it. Could have been 8:45. I did go outside and go from one of our buildings to the other and look at the sky.

  4. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    When I say south, I say south from my perspective which was 131st Ave and Bell-ish.

  5. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Was this at about 7:30 this AM? To the south?

    I saw it too. Didn’t take any video tho because other than that they didn’t seem to be spraying much until later.

  6. loriann1427

    @wildwelder123 – i have to disagree, i dont think you are going to see a missle in whitesands from buckeye – i am in tucson and seriously doubt, even with no cloud cover, that the horizon would allow you to see all the way to white sands – good guess but not possible

  7. Libertad72

    Saw it this morning heading to scottsdale on the 101…in fact because its not the ordinary chemtrail I posted it on a website

  8. ThePopeAndy

    This is a missile no doubt in my mind. I’ve seen about a dozen launches out of Vanenberg AFB in Cali. That’s one of ours from the look of it and not a Chinese one like off the Cali coast not long ago. You see it squiggly because of the wind at various altitudes the rocket is actually guided so moving relatively straight. Looks like a test could probably verify this. Wouldn’t say anything to be alarmed about as its ours.


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