NASA Chemtrail Study Satellite Crashes After Launch

On Friday March 4, 2011 the Nasa satellite they were putting up to study the effect of airborne particles crashes after launch. WTF? NASA’s Glory $424 million dolar satellite failed to reach orbit after its launch on Friday. The Glory satellite was designed to assist scientists in the observation and study of how the Sun, solar radiation, and aerosols (particles of matter in the Earths atmosphere) affect the climate of the Earth. This is the ninth time the Taurus XL rocket has been used to launch a satellite into orbit; it is the third time it has failed. The manufacturer of the rocket has released a statement saying that it is to soon after the rockets failure to accurately identify whether or not this is the same problem encountered in other launch attempts. An Orbital Sciences representative, Barron Beneski said, “Obviously, this is a terrific disappointment and we feel bad for letting NASA … down.” NASA has reportedly paid Orbital Sciences $54 million to launch the satellite. Currently, the Taurus XL lies somewhere in the Pacific.

10 thoughts on “NASA Chemtrail Study Satellite Crashes After Launch

  1. mrsparex

    @Refugee4life666 I know they didn’t plan for it to fail. Certainly they planned it to work. Regardless it’s 100% accurate to say that they dumped almost half a billion dollars into the ocean. As long as you are over 44 years old you can get away with calling me “kid” LOL

  2. Refugee4life666

    You’re right, they obviously planned for it to fail all along.
    Get off the internet with comments like that kid.

  3. peterbaelish3

    @rjc071 because we are awake to their bullshit,

    trust me its surprising to millions of others out there…..poor sheeple

  4. mrsparex

    Amazingly I’m worrying myself to death (literally) over remnant debts of a business that fell prey to the bad economy (after a successful 10 years). An amount of around 100 grand. Here they dump almost half a billion dollars into the sea? Makes no sense does it?


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