1. mikemb123

    @seekYEthetruth theres more than one motive, I assume thats what you mean and I fully agree. As far as motive goes its pretty much everything EXCEPT the motive they are giving us[global warming]
    My studies point to motive being narrowed down basically to control and manipulation of the earths populations, by tampering with all aspects of the earths atmosphere[ the basic thing that sustains life on earth]

  2. seekYEthetruth

    @mikemb123 There is more than motive at play here, de-pop has to be one of them too.. I shall soon be conducting my very own rainwater test..
    People are getting ill around me, flu symptoms, impetigo, cold sores..
    Mid summer, people were going badly ill, fit guys too, boxers.
    Also one CANNOT deny the existence of these high speed probes..
    They are showing up in more and more chem/cloud footage..
    How are they propelled (Barium Ionosphere?)
    Im very keen to test my rainwater..
    I’ll let you kno

  3. mikemb123

    @seekYEthetruth they are making the sky conductive to harness the electric energy in the atmosphere, I know the story about Tesla and the Free energy but thats not neccessarily related to the spraying also the HAARP phacility runs on electricity generated by petroleum, it beams these signals into the sky, the spraying helps conduct the signals that are beamed

  4. mikemb123

    @seekYEthetruth I know about ULF and ELF waves and Tesla and HAARP, that the particles[Ionizing Metallic Salts] increase conductivity and create a plasma field. Electricity is everywhere, like radio waves and our brains run on electricity. But the motive for this aspect of the spraying is mind control and the scrambling of electronic signals like radar

  5. seekYEthetruth

    @mikemb123 Check you inbox.. I sent you an interesting article by Dan Johnson

    Have a read while i sort thru my links and info for you.
    There is so much out there.

    The fake clouds and trails are the conductor for Low Frequency Energy waves.
    You really MUST see the featured video on my page.
    Aerial Black Probe activity has been proved without doubt and means one of two things… humans accessing FREE ENERGY, OR…. ALIENS.
    One or the other..

  6. seekYEthetruth

    @mikemb123 Benard J Eastlunds HAARP Patent Summary is a good start.
    Also go to checktheevidence and tap on the ANTI GRAVITY link.. (Billion Dollar Secret)
    Read up on Tesla and JP Morgan and then watch Richard D hall’s ‘1/3 Analysis of Ball Footage’ here on YT..
    Read the ‘Control Of The Weather By 2025’ document (Google)
    And then watch the featured vid on my page..
    I’d be interested to hear your take on on how these probes are airborne /propelled.
    I’ll find you some strong links and PM you

  7. mikemb123

    @seekYEthetruth free energy huh interesting theory how about listing some specifics and your sources

  8. seekYEthetruth

    @finefilth I wonder if this is all paving the way for a 2012 HAARP induced false flag. The skies here are totally messed up..
    Im capturing militarized black probes in almost ALL of my recent footage.
    What are they doing up there? .. Are they weaponized? Surveillance?
    When you got a spare moment, watch: ‘1/3 Analysis of Ball Footage’
    By Richard D Hall (YT). Big up Florida.. One love, stay firm.

  9. finefilth


    sorry to hear that… 2-5000 trails a week over my sleepy town here in Florida….they never stop…they are spraying right now.. again and again and again

  10. finefilth


    they create the problems as you are already aware!!… ahhhhhh , but the hideous solutions just happen to be handy and ready to roll out on the serfs

  11. seekYEthetruth

    He’s a drone, he’s been ordered/ programmed/paid to believe/promote global warming.. Global warming/Geo engineering is a ruse
    The intention is to condition us into eventually accepting the aerial spraying.
    They are already accessing FREE ENERGY via the fake clouds..
    This is all about free energy folks..thats why they’re spraying.
    Nuclear Power Is Officially a Dinosaur.

    Coldest/wettest August here in London..
    Low silver/Grey clouds… 24/7

  12. Matey3

    Thanks very much for the reply. I am glad that at least some ppl out there are taking notice of these changes!
    I am sure you already know those jet engines put a lot of pollution in the air! Now all of these 100s of jets making 1000s of unnecessary flights daily around the globe add a lot to the problem ! I donno why no one is talking about them?
    the criminals who run our govts, think every problem can be solved with more of their(toilet)paper money!? squeezing more blood out of us!

  13. finefilth


    I agree…not only are the summers hotter i Florida… the warming winter sun is deliberately blocked so its cold.. i ran the heat 2 months last year, something i have never done before down here,

  14. Matey3

    ever since they have been spraying these chemicals the temperature has gone up, I am sure it is the direct result of the spraying bcs before they started this program of robbing us in new taxes and giving it to their buddies who mfg, the goddam chemicals (much like their maniac buddy Saddum in Iraq) the temperature was normal (early 90’s)…now you can feel the heat bcs these chem-clouds do exactly as CO2 “supposed” to do and thats to keep the heat in!

  15. Matey3

    the idea of “shield” in upper atmosphere is too stupid to believe bcs
    1-how would you keep the chemicals defy gravity and stay up there? 2- how can chemicals stay together to form a shield and dont scatter around and 3-isnt that the same thing CO2 does? keep the Heat In?
    even more stupid idea than this is to send up reflecting material , how the hell are you going to make sure they point the right way (towards the sun)?
    this is BS to me. besides I have seen chemtrails come down in the evenings!

  16. finefilth

    lets spray poison on the serfs and tell them we are saving them!!! they are laughing their sick fucking asses off at you!!

  17. Angele

    Word to everyone who doubts this scheme: if anyone can stop global warming, it’s Dr Myhvold. GoOgle him. These stupid remarks by amateur physicists on this site are mind-numbing. He studied under Hawking, is a billionaire genius who digs up TRex dinos and funds the SETI project while working on a 2400 page cookbook described as the most definitive guide written about anything ever. He and his posse of geniuses who gather regularly to dream up patents for his company. Certainly sleeping better knowing someone is on it.


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