NBC -affiliated KMIR Reports on chemtrail/geoengineering

NBC -affiliated KMIR Reports on chemtrail/geoengineering.

25 thoughts on “NBC -affiliated KMIR Reports on chemtrail/geoengineering

  1. Aws8819

    Evil men pretending to be Good. they claim that they wanna help but the turth is they are the problem.

  2. lucifershydrogen

    @mythoughtsalone Yes …thats why it is an all time high.. Go get tested for yourself and you will see.

  3. DMB1985CA

    I have 3 huge and HEALTHY pines trees fall on my and my neighbor’s property! And all other trees are not growing as they should. Ask me for photos of proof. The roots of those fallen trees are healthy with no signs of any infestation or disease whatsoever yet those roots have been weakened by something!

  4. sanluisskywatch

    First off- this is a great news report. If there was more honest reporting like this, we wouldn’t be in so much trouble right now.

    Anyway, chemtrail/ weather modification is real.. let’s hope that’ all they’re doing.

  5. WebOfEvidence

    Thank-you for the upload Michael. I read the risks listed in the paper ‘THE BENEFITS, RISKS, & COSTS OF STRATOSPHERIC GEOENGINEERING’ by Robock et al. they include drought, ozone depletion, “no more blue skies.” What the heck are they playing at!?

  6. JohnBonnema

    Ken Calderia, you sir are one credulous, apathetic man. For the sake of your family and loved ones, STOP the charade. The skies and the air you and your family are breathing are filled with toxins, which are making us all very sick.

    Earth ta Ken, chemtrails are real!

  7. aquawoman12

    Thank you for posting. It may not be the perfect report some like me would like to see, but at least they are reporting it!

  8. blite13

    @FiteNoMore Don’t forget the honey bees, they are no where to be found, though that could be from cell phone interference with their radar. It is a proven fact that these trails are used for military purposes as well. They block radar in countries and can also hide some aircraft that the military doesn’t tell us about. The moisture in the atmosphere clings to the elements that are sprayed in the atmosphere and that is what causes these trails. How can 1 planes exhaust cover a sky end to end?

  9. anunnaki2006

    Please make sure you know both these Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst operatives called Mikhail Gorbachev and Knight of Malta Heinz Kissinger. Now study Gorbachev’s connection to the Club of Rome and it’s Global 2000 Report. Study Heinz’s Memorandum 200. You may like to know what Audrey Tomason thinks about the population also. This is another reason why we see Codex Alimentarus they want 75% of the population gone by 2050.

  10. anunnaki2006

    @shelbijack We’re not over populated thats a myth spread by these malthusians simply because they’ve created a new system that no longer needs as many people as they did as slaves. Remember in 2007 the Government pulled in $14 trillion dollars whilst the people only bought in $5 trillion therefore from this alone you can see that you can destroy a third of the U.S. population and be fine and they do want 30% of the U.S. gone. Of course The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries does well from this.

  11. anunnaki2006

    Poisons created jointly by the Soviet Union and the U.S. working together at the top with the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear laboratory and Los Alamos Labs. They spread this poison through both the civil and military Open Skies treaties.

  12. ElementL116

    It’s good to see some media coverage of this even if there is some denial mixed in. People are waking up to the reality around them. Chemtrails are just one aspect. The blinders cannot stay on forever.

  13. shelbijack

    I think they want to control the population, we are overpopulated so they dump stuff on us to get cancer it’s good for the Pharmacutical company’s look how much money they make of all the sick people.. We’re not as free as we think.

  14. lillytwo

    I am so sick of hearing they are contrails, when we all know that contrails disappear after a few minutes. Since 2008 I have taken over 200 pictures of these insidious chemtrails, and felt the effects of the spraying. It is time we the people get together and put a stop to it. That is the only way things are going to change.
    Look up and see.

  15. thedave108

    @mondocrat Look up Clifford E Carnicom who has done in depth scientific testing of the chemical analysis of chemtrails. He has a lot of good info.

  16. mdreiger

    As the tyranny increases, the good people that work for the controlled media will sooner or later start to tell the truth in spite of their owners. Just as these people did.
    The truth will out!

  17. fjerins

    Ken Caldeira from the Carnegie Institution is lying when he tells you that they are contrails. He is so full of bull shit. Is institution receives grants from our Government. So, if he dis spells this, no more funding. Get it? Lie, and you get your grants, tell the truth loose your funding.

  18. GiaMarie333

    @FiteNoMore Actually it is people like you that keep the media away from these stories. Crazy, irrational, extremists who can’t appreciate when a reporter puts herself out there to get people to think. Besides, if you actually listened to the last line of the piece, the geoengineer –who initially said its a conspiracy theory, alludes to the fact that even if chemtrails aren’t a reality now they likely will be in the future. The point: everyone needs to be concerned.

  19. 1eye4revolution

    @FiteNoMore always good to stumble upon these TRUTH! videos and seeing someone pointing the fingers at Jews/Zionists problem :)

  20. mondocrat

    Can you fellow researchers help me w/ a 20 something know-it-all who thinks we’re all “bozo’s” & that chemtrails are really contrails & cumulus clouds? It seems she’s convinced from 1 recent Atlanta news report. I explained cumulus clouds form naturally at 6-12,000 ft, while jet contrails cannot form under 30k. It’s scientifically impossible, esp in desert climate. I’ve also seen CT’s at low alt. of 6-10k, which also isn’t possible for contrails to form. Here’s the link,


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