Near crashes from Chemtrail planes. Have you a Pilots license for that plane

Yes its only been two days, not long in the life of a chemical breather, Bring on a sunny day and guarantee planes turn up to wipe it out, Has any one noticed that recent amount of things falling out of the Sky other then chemicals for a change…..Planes Just cant seem to stay up there these days, Satellites Crashing into each other, Submarines colliding , How big is the ocean Guys???. major power outages around the world. Could this have something to do with the Electromagnetic photon field we are in supposed to be going through now? This could be one of the reasons for the frantic World wide spraying trying to counteract this fields effect, plus the added bonus that it will get rid of a few million people. New world order give me a break, If this is how they want there New World, they can keep it. Let me off at the next planet………………..

25 thoughts on “Near crashes from Chemtrail planes. Have you a Pilots license for that plane


    the collective thoughts and intensions of the lightworkers transmute the chem trails into love light and healing, they are no longer harmful to life on this planet, the nwo have lost their fight

  2. GaGirlie777

    Yeah…..I hear the same thing. It doesn’t stop me, though. Maybe…just maybe if they hear it enough times.

  3. DianeDi

    Agreed, let me off at the next planet….. either that or ???

    the rest of the world, please search this out… it’s very real and will cause much havoc in the years ahead – health wise in partifcular, to your friends, family – your young ones…… google “chemtrails” or “morgellons” whatever you decide it will open your eyes to some sad facts. I never wanted to believe them – but almost every other day now I look up and am truly amazed…. and not in a good way. ;o(

  4. depthsofhades

    Just let them watch this and choose for themself if what your telling them is crazy. I assure you they will thank you for trying to help them.

    Aerosol Crimes By Clifford Carnicom


  5. RachelBartlett

    I doubt they are using pilots — might as well be drones. A crash would be nice, though. Infront of as many people as possible — so they would have to explain this.

  6. finalfaze1

    I keep telling my friends about the chemtrails, they think I’m nuts…It pisses me off. It’s been in “plane” site for quite a while now!

  7. veltpak6

    the planes are all fully coordinated by GPS. The decisions on where to spray are chosen strategically from the ground by people that constantly monitor the jetstream and atmospheric conditions, so that the spray can be placed strategically as well….

  8. Soupdragoon

    I plan on living a very long time. However watching these pricks makes me not care much about dying. I am ready for real spiritual awakening. I am now simply observing this massacre because there is little chance that it can be stopped.

    Death I do not fear you! Therefore I have no fear!

  9. althiometer

    same lovely skies seen in haslemere today. i point it out as i have done for past two years. guaranteed response – thats a PLANE.

  10. RJBedard

    Great video friend. Keep up the great work. Where in the u.k are you? My sister lives in Stockport, but she still hasn’t woken up. Sad.


  11. studentdebts

    Great Video Production,2Day Here We Had a Chemtrail Blitz In Our Local area,It Lasted Over 3Hours Long,The Sunny Clear Blue Sky Became a White Pale Blanket,Took Hundreds Of Pictures Simliar as In Your Video.5/5 From Us Pal.

  12. AweSomo84

    excellent keep on fighting and tanks for sending!

    Make orgonite it restores the atmosphere and magnetic pollution contact orgoneskies / primal111

    p.s love this song

  13. brightonchemtrails

    Great video! Please tell me how you do that animated voice effects? I can tell its microsoft text to speech, but the animated overlays are great what software isit? added to favourites.

  14. spaceportseven

    and just now on the 16th feb , were told that 2 nuke submarines `crashed` in the atlantic on the 3rd of feb, almost 2 weeks since, just 3 days before the new `weather sat` NOAA-N was launched from vandenberg military nuke airbase, NE usa. and not these power outages, nothing mentioned in the media at all about this. one big cover up, possibly to protect from falling satellites or helicopters or aircraft …..
    i just tried posting a animated euro sat seq, removed inastantly, JET STREAM NO MORE

  15. transporter108

    5 stars for the NWO..oh wait i mean u.. we need NWA they got all the guns and bullets…
    when it rains down sulphar the end is near. The evilness and the spirits are showing up on cameras all the time now .. . get ready to die for what you believe in…it will take us to the next place

  16. DragonWaveMaster

    It’s been the same in Detroit for at least a year or 2. We seem to have much fewer sunny days and when we do, your sure to see the jets flying with there chem trails filling the sky.


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