New. Orleans La. Chemtrail Show

Hologram world.

3 thoughts on “New. Orleans La. Chemtrail Show

  1. early2it

    People still don’t believe in the Archons??? What can you do??… I’m glad
    I told everyone about the trumpet sound so they don’t get fooled by the
    fake rapture Jesus Lord of Lords when it comes..

  2. JBA SkyWatcherover NOLA.

    Bro they are programmed mine control non human just like you say it’s all
    in the blood The Seed Of Adam ! They are all going to be fooled !

  3. anewtattoobynancy1

    Maybe they’re hiding the ghost planet? Check the video I posted a couple
    days ago! Sorry they’re bomb-barding you…and so blatantly! Much Aloha JB


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