New World Order Chemtrails & Olgacom connection explained

this vide explain the connection of the new world order to the waste dump and geo engineering by big companies Royal DSM, China Sinochem, Monsanto as Olgacom Project. For more information see my website also please sign my petition http

24 thoughts on “New World Order Chemtrails & Olgacom connection explained

  1. SprayOClockNews

    watch out about that video and the lady lecturing, she ptomotes salk polio vaccine which we all know caused the cancer epidemic, she is not against chemtrails at all, she said transhumanism? is the new word for eugenuics…

  2. mercifully101

    There is no such company as Olgacom. The Olgacom website is an obvious fraud. Please wake? up to the dis-info people. And shame on those who repeatedly mirror this piece of sh*t video.

  3. MrAutobuildit

    What in hades would make you sceptical even if she IS Russian…people from ALL nationalities are appalled at the skies being trashed by the criminal elite…. what she’s talking about IS Chemtrails. I’m a Brit myself so at least you get 10 out of 10 for? a perfect spell of sceptical…in spite of my unwarranted grizzle :-)

  4. Marthanan Bonelli

    Facinating news.Monsatan is part of this chemtrailing crime against all living things.The Earths population has doubled? in the past 50 yrs.Plenty of guine pigs on earth to study the effects of chemtrailing.Our food has been G.M.O. mutated,very little studies done on the effects of frakinstien food and the human body.Organic gardens and natural foods have become a thing of the past.Very few farmers markets to shop at in the bread basket of America.Plum island bio-lab moving to Manhattan Kansas .

  5. marylynngaydosh

    thank you very much for an excellent video, i am sharing it with various eco-friendly groups who are still uninformed about chemtrails.? The date is now 1 May, 2012, and many many people are still unaware of what’s going on in our skies. Thank you.

  6. HopeTradeNews

    Excellent video! Thank you for your work exposing geo-engineering; it is very troubling to look up and see cloud-seeding planes where I live in mid-coast Maine; an experiment is being conducted here without the consent of? those it is being conducted on.

  7. c4mp3r0r

    Theis lady has a strong Russian, but not polish accent! makes me sceptical.. did you heard of other dark side of Chemtrails: NANOFIBERS, Nano Implants and BIO-API? DATAASYLUM,C0M or /watch?v=pzW5Kb8u0Og “From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life:? Agenda of Synthetic Biology”

  8. MrStonedhead

    Olgacom never existed. I thing they try to satirize chemitrials issue…? Oni chc? nas og?upii?. Nie dajcie si? nabra?!!! Firma Olgacom nie istnieje, a ta panienka z filmiku twierdzi, ?e jest z Polski…

  9. MrStonedhead

    Something is wrong here. She told she is from Poland. I really don’t belive this. I? am from Poland. I have never heard name like this. Her surname: “wacek” you can translate as a cock:). I have never heard anybody in Poland speakig english with accent like this. This is russian accent. She even can’t say correcty polish words like the name of this catering company or name: Waldemar Pawlak. I really belive in chemitrials, but somebody is trying to do us brainwashing!

  10. irish spiritedgal

    This video is very informative and connecting the pieces paints a VERY? clear picture! I am so happy you’ve posted this and I’m even happier that I can be a part of this to help in any way… Thank YOU! Great Stuff, Much LOVE

  11. applecom1de

    Dont`t get fooled, guys! This is a complete FAKE!!!!
    It has been debunked that even the website of olgacom (google it) is fake:
    metabunk ORG /threads/196-Debunked-Olgacom-­Scandal-Alenka-Wacek-and-Chemt­rails
    I dont know who made this (if they want money or distraction), but the persons who? made this video are the same ones who own the website, so don`t spend? any money!
    Research for yourself (and thumbs up please so everyone notices)…

  12. theobserver805

    i can not believe the evil twisted shit these fools come up with to stem population growth. if you want to keep population in check all you have to do is pay people not have kids it would be a thousand times cheaper and easier just to give any 18 year? old who has never had a kid a nice chunk of money to get sterilized. it would also be a motivator to practice safe sex. these kids would buy a car or pay for college with the money the world would be better off.

  13. Bajb81

    You say you dont use your real name (“…two, of course i do not use real name…”)!?
    But on the document / contract with Olgacom is your name also Alenka Wacek.
    Can you explain this???
    Or? have you already signed the contract with the wrong name?
    Because you knew you’d uncover a scandal:-D

  14. MarshallLore

    why can’t we ever see western leaders in the International Court facing charges of war crimes? UK? and USA always get a free pass and are never brought to account

  15. EternallyEnergy

    Monsanto on wikipedia – yes, Monsanto was responsible for Agent Orange, bovine growth hormone, aspartame, PCB’s (dioxin) and many other such horrible things. Quite a story about Monsanto on Wikipedia if you want to check it out.? I’ve hard a relative of his has his wife working in the Ag dept. Can’t validate that. Check out the documentary, “The World According to Monsanto” to REALLY get to know this pos.


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