NEW!Easy to make NON TOXIC SIMPLIFIED ORGANITE. Start fighting chemtrails NOW..

HOW TO MAKE NON TOXIC ORGANITE IN FEW MINUTES. Easy to make chemtrail buster, and you all can create this powerfull tool in few minutes and clean the atmosphere and destroy the chemtrails. The person who created this powertool simple and easy to make is called EA. Check his YouTube chanel under the name of “dombadil”. Also check his site “project obolix org”. He is a brilliant guy and knows alot about STONES. He is much smarter than what? you may think. A thinker, artist and author. He has been studying chemtrails since years and their daily effect on our? daily life. Document yourself ,and send your questions to the MASTER.

24 thoughts on “NEW!Easy to make NON TOXIC SIMPLIFIED ORGANITE. Start fighting chemtrails NOW..

  1. Endza50

    @erniepond1 Yes I have seen it..Why not ..I am goin got give it a? try too.. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    People check kill chemtrails with VINGER… :) anything that kills chemtrails is good and worths to give it a try. And the cheaper,better.

  2. erniepond1

    VINEGAR is far cheaper and will draw attention and laughter from NORMAL SANE people!
    how to kill chemtrails with? vinegar

  3. SovereignBeing

    @GmmRpm1 they dont read your mind, they attack you with ELF>. at least get it right when you drop your? insults please..

  4. 13roxasofthedark

    @Endza50 all i under stand is im try ing to cosplay as cloud not use nuclear fusion to make a chemical born war? sword!!!!!

  5. Endza50

    @Endza50 Oups so sorry folks correcting the needed elements: gold ,silver,coper,metal and aliminum at the end ,pls look at video added? into my favorits ,where EA the creator of this powerful tool shows us how to make this tool.,STEP by STEP :)

  6. Endza50

    @ametrine7 Hello dear
    Well I havent tried to use anything else except using the creators basic guide ,respecting his teory. Crystals combined,with gold plated,silver plated,cuivre,aliminum and metal.
    BTW pls? visit projectobolix site ,and get to know the real artist of this powerful tool.
    thx for your comment though.

  7. ametrine7

    Thank you endza, this is realy interresting, i was thinking..have you? tried to place multi crystal on a Mandala? Must be surprising :o))))

  8. ametrine7

    @arisole1970 Dombadil :o) I live in Greece too, if you want i can help you to find these crystal, and even Help you to create your own orgonite TBs! :o)))? Bless you.

  9. cosmicordering1

    You can create a cheap, portable and easy to build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere. The Reich/Croft chembuster is? the answer to these ongoing attacks by these forces. Unlike the original cloud buster, the chembuster actually changes the deadly orgone energy to good orgone energy and so does NOT become saturated or dangerous to the operator.

  10. dombadil

    then you are a lucky person 😉

    don’t forget to have a look at projectobolix . org

    hope you will enjoy

  11. brigitfey

    @dombadil I will need to get the metal wires first but will let you know when it’s up & going. I’m in south central CO in the San Luis Valley. My small town had a showing of ‘What on Earth are they Spraying’ last night & there was interest in arranging a gathering in the park in Feb for prayer, setting intentions & perhaps cloud? busting. I live in a very open-minded community, thank goodness!

  12. arisole1970

    @dombadil i live in greece and they spraying us every day .2? days now i see them spraying this poison but they do something to the trails look like simple contrails.were i find this crystal?

  13. dombadil

    they work with moon light and even use the star-light

    they are so clear that any light is trnaformed in prismed rays

    of course the power of the sun just sends them? on about 60 kilometers !!

    so watch when placing them that they connect each other

    turning their big faces to the south

    and PLEASE tell us at projectobolix . org if you place a fix one somwhere

  14. dombadil

    @brigitfey will you tell us the locations you place them for projectobolix . org ?

    we need to know to build? the intention of the cristals 😉

    they form huge prismed light-structures if we place them at some 30 or 40 kilometers one from another you see

    and to be able to do that we need everybody to tell their locations

    we do NOT show precisely the locations on the map however for evident reasons



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