*NEW*Jerusalem UFO Investigation! “100% REAL”-Jaime Maussan

March 3rd, 2011 Jaime Maussan comprehensive investigation of the Jerusalem UFO event that took place January 28th, 2011. Here is a breakdown of multiple witness videos, weathercam footage and a testimony by Eligael.

25 thoughts on “*NEW*Jerusalem UFO Investigation! “100% REAL”-Jaime Maussan

  1. masosar

    Please have in mind this guy has been involved in several cases that were found fake. In all of them he swore they were real.

  2. Maartenn100

    1 frame is missing on 1:07.
    but the lights on there everyday.
    you can check this yourself. Go to
    And click on ‘how the day was – by date’. Give in the date (28/01/2011)
    When you make a ressemblance with other dates, 1.07 is missing.
    Why? But the light you see flashing is the same for every day.
    Check it yourself.

  3. get1modernwarfare2

    @cyrus1000100 i swear they said the meek will inherit the earth but fuck that, if shit hits the fan i’m getting a gatlin gun! }{-D

  4. artemis0113

    There’s another video I saw here closer by American tourists. Pretty interesting stuff.

  5. 950horsepower

    I used to think this guy was just ignorant. Like the time a string of balloons escaped from the used car lot in Mexico, he called them space snakes.

    But now he reveals he is just a shill. Another big fat liar, oh so ready to buy into the most obvious fakes.

  6. JadedAllDay

    what if that large flash actually beamed a “BEING” to earth and was to observe us from this point on to see if we are ready to be shown the truth.

  7. spiderlurker

    Ok, so i totally gotta say, this a guy is blinking a shit load, kinda makes me think he’s lying. Except for i know he’s not. so who cares? He’s saying things like “I’m from mexico” and other obvious facts and i made sure, he blinked through saying that also. Maybe he just really has a problem blinking a lot

  8. MsTeri100

    why didnt this make it on Fox lol we in America have the nerve to say other countries control their media, they may not control it to that extent of Japan or China but we just get half truths and lies, hell, just cut my tele off if your gonna lie. This is big news and why we are talking about budgets when this is going on is beyond me, we may not be here to meet the budget.

  9. CosmahLena

    ok this vid is awesome but i somehow got distracted by the logo in the corner that kinda looks like a huge mushroom lol

  10. TimmyFarlight

    How can you look at this and say “Fake and gay” … what IQ do you need to have in order to do that ?

  11. cyrus1000100

    In many USA states the Gov.is allowing teens to go and get gun to carry on there person.
    In my mind there telling us to be ready! BE VIGALANT!
    Something is about to kick off!
    Only the strong and humble will inherent this planet. Can’t say I haven’t tried to warn y’all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TheChops24

    How would u know if they r demons. If they were don’t u think they would have already put out an attack for us. Perhaps they r here to observe us destroy our planet

  13. ruflychux

    @GrayManSpeaks It is as simple as going to google and searching for “UFO in the Bible”. It is that easy. UFO are demons… QED.

  14. ruflychux

    @giroyagetme It is as simple as going to google and searching for “UFO in the Bible”. It is that easy. UFO are demons… QED.

  15. giroyagetme

    @ruflychux whos god ? even the bible says aliens are real have u even read it or just blindly followed it

  16. GrayManSpeaks

    ruflychux: are you putting words in God’s mouth? I say you are. BlaccBoii: Are you saying that YOU are Fake And Or Gay? Yep. talalaeng: Yes, You Are.


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