Nibiru? Eminem Combo June 22, 2011 New- Official Chemtrail Video by Chitown Chemtrails HD

Stop Geoengineering! HD full screen. Official Chemtrail Video to bring new awareness to chemtrails & HAARP. see my channel for more Official Chemtrail and HAARP Rap Videos. thanks for watching, much luv, Chitown Chemtrails

6 thoughts on “Nibiru? Eminem Combo June 22, 2011 New- Official Chemtrail Video by Chitown Chemtrails HD

  1. chicagoareachemtrail

    @2labem no i haven’t i’ve been looking too since you mentioned it. we’ve had some storms and rain but it was clear on June 20th when i did that lil wayne video didn’t see the moon at night but i saw it during the day on the 21st. glad you like my videos and the music, i’m going to do more videos with nibiru, space, moon footage i have tons. and i just started this mid february lol

  2. 2labem

    @chicagoareachemtrail THX V-MUCH 4 these vids & the Music, remember the other day we were talking about the Moon, well it’s still not in the Skies of Thailand all i see are stars No Moon, have you seen it these few days?

  3. chicagoareachemtrail

    @proGojim ok everyone you see it here, even if you’re here for eminem chk out the information, chemtrail, haarp, chembuster, nibiru, can’t hurt to be aware. then you can decide for yourself what you think of all this

  4. proGojim

    Just build some chembusters and locate them in your area! You can help now! google “Chembuster” or “Wilhelm Reich” or “Orgon”

  5. chicagoareachemtrail

    @2labem that’s why i put nibiru in this video, or sirius, elenin whatever you like to call what i videotaped

  6. 2labem

    to me these Chemtrails are to hide us seeing whats coming = Nibiru / planet X or what ever, they are covering the skies all around the World with Clouds.


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