25 thoughts on “Nibiru? Ufo? I dunno… but its HUGE!

  1. DaraBubamara1983

    Its Venus.? At least according to star gazing sites. But question remains why is it so freaking big and bright!

  2. TBird4490

    Even without photoshop, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for a big bright object in the sky. A hypergiant could be exploding, it could be a supernova. Maybe it’s a quesar, or a magnatar.

    But it’s most likely? a photoshop.

  3. Marianne Van Den Berg

    i was in spain and i did see this 2 times. 1 time it was far from me second time it? was right in front of me did happend theusday 14 off august around estartit spain

  4. Diana Hawkins

    I was really interested in? what you did here in this video but could not hear hardly anything you said. Are you in Australia? I thought I heard you say that.

  5. rockyofusa1

    Any photo’s are appreciated, some folks are just plan rude. I think? the little lines might be energy (or electromaginitism) caught by that filter. Up north here we do not get such a great view. I take it your in Austra by your acent. thanks again!

  6. Luckyrabbitsfoot1

    Guess what? I saw your huge star! 5:20am North 45deg on the horizon – location South Africa? (Johannesburg). I was too tired to get up, however I will tomorrow morning. I have a Canon 550 D and a Powershot G9 with telescopic lenses. I’m hooking up the tripod tonight in preparation.

  7. bluebeard2011

    you forgot to mention that it’s there in the same place? every day for the last 18 months just getting bigger it never moves from that location yes it’s me the original poster about this planet see my vids from 12 months ago and recent one as well you can see it gets bigger every month and now it’s getting bigger by the week and the fact it’s in the same position on the star sky it’s not rotating the sun its coming from what we call the big dipper in our sky so its definitely not Jupiter

  8. pureinheart777

    i see this too every evening around 2am and up till about 5:30 am.its been in the? night sky for about 3 weeks now and its huge…that big it actually blinks with a light effect…not seen a star that big before…i’m in queensland up high in the mountains…does anyone know what it is?

  9. MrSony1968

    Theres alot of conjecture at moment about this pic but the images seem to add up,the Hopi Indians prophesize that when the ‘Blue” star is visible in the sky it is almost the time of the great ‘shake’. Also Nibiru was stated as being ‘Red’. Alot of genuine crop circles are showing similar images and the Italian Santena crop image on 17 June shows 4-5 AUG and 21 Dec which to me states when it will? be visible to when it will be upon us. In Melbourne here I see a similar Blue star just not as big.

  10. Bill St. Michael

    What is Nibiru’s current status? [update: as of March 18, 2012] ANSWER: As of this date, March 18, 2012 – Nibiru has already passed high over? planet Earth, Venus, Mercury & the Sun… is passed the Sun, and is traveling well on its way back into deep space.

  11. Bill St. Michael

    What Tolec Was Allowed To report Most Has Happened, Is Happening, & Events are Positioning themselves for future events…go to andromedacouncil @com (? as crazy as this may read…following him now for 2 years what he reported most has happened as I wrote

  12. Bill St. Michael

    Part 3 – and it will cause earthquakes, tremors and magma flow under the Earth’s crust. ..it will rattle your cage a little.” It? is presently located out around Pluto heading into this solar system.


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