Nibiru/Dark Star/Elenin!? Chemtrail hell may 1st 2011 -Part2

More and darker chemtrailing = more to hide

8 thoughts on “Nibiru/Dark Star/Elenin!? Chemtrail hell may 1st 2011 -Part2

  1. 1000gohead

    The way the sun was covered up reminds me of where I’m from, I never seen so much clouds blocking the sun in my life. Nature will reclaim it’s title and wipe out the fakers

  2. zipfreer

    They know what is coming they don’t want the masses to know they are hiding it with Chemtrails But soon this will not work !! Then they will lie and say it’s a super nova from a distant star call beetlejuice this is a lie!! Don’t be fooled!

  3. wtfhappening

    @SlipparySurface I later decided that your previous comment was “too” fucking stupid to leave up. Hide what…grab a name outta the hat…Comet Elenin, Nibiru, planet x, hercolubus, brown dwarf, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, perturbers, Nemesis, Tyche, Wormwood

  4. wtfhappening

    @MAN2011ism Yes I have. I know crazy isn’t it…gives another meaning for “shooting yourself” and humanity in the foot and then not even knowing it. Yes, I’ll re-watch and post that time. They basically were creating a chemtrail wall above the sun meanwhile the sun was still setting on the distant horizon. I still stand that whatever “it” is rises before the sun and sets after the sun.

  5. wtfhappening

    @SlipparySurface Still thinking power of this world are in your best interest huh..? I advise you to re-think that concept.

  6. MAN2011ism

    Monday morning. I see you are being hit hard my friend. Yesterday, we had a mostly clear day. Oh they tried but the winds and pressure were working against them. Also, I have noticed the jet sprayer scum are fewer on Sundays and holidays! The bastards take days off to shop and join the public they are poisoning! Any way, they did Yellow Haze the Sunrise and Sunset to a blur. Thanks for your vid. That shot with the fresh and old spray runs is total Proof of what they are doing. Period!

  7. SlipparySurface

    more to hide? hide what*? they cant hide anything in space to everybody at all times, that cant be the reason.
    to bad i dont have a camera. every “blue sky” night at 4.30 two chemtrails appear over my house. they are pink because of the upcomming sunrise. so weird and beautiful.
    wonder if barium aluminium reflects UV or other scary stuff from the sun. We have ruined our ozon. this may be a protective gear, there are easier way for a genocide if that is the elites plan.


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