Nick Begich on the Alex Jones Show:”Mind Control Agenda” pt1

Alex talks with Dr. Nick Begich, Executive Director of The Lay Institute on Technology and author of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP. Begich discusses attempts to regulate, control and censor the Internet, as well as the true agenda behind HAARP and other mind control weapons systems.

14 thoughts on “Nick Begich on the Alex Jones Show:”Mind Control Agenda” pt1

  1. BabylonFading2012

    Does anybody remember the Illuminati Card game by Steve Jackson in 1995?? There was a card? that was called: “Internet Wormhole”. Creating databanks nowdays is quick, cheap and simple. Complete Dossiers of information can be compiled on each and every individual, and will be used against us when the slaughter comes along which is not far away mind you! Jesus is our only way, I suggest to everyone to come close to Jesus Christ, repent and change our ways so that we can be confident for salvation.

  2. ethericplane

    Things worth? fighting for:

    a free internet,
    no vaccines,
    a National Strike to put the people in control of America, for once.

  3. 33115566

    McCain doesn’t use the internet. The American public still prefers TV. Maybe the? answer is in the international ballpark on this one.

  4. Toxie207

    A few weeks ago AJ had Vincent Bugliosi on the show, talking about his new book “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” the major bookstores in the UK aren’t buying this book in – I am appauled! I had to order a single copy.? Isn’t this AWFUL?

  5. roscogre

    its horrible what they did to his father,like so many other truth seeking? democrats who died for the truth.


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