No Rain Chemtrail Cloud Suppression Time-Lapse Video

Is Aerosol Cloud Seeding Causing The Midwest Drought? Monday July 30, 2012 Mountains east of San Diego – Geoengineering planes spray unknown chemical aerosol…

8 thoughts on “No Rain Chemtrail Cloud Suppression Time-Lapse Video

  1. waterworkss

    Excellent video? mate. Keep it up, watching our sky’s exposing this criminal act being preformed by the true terrorists. Watch my vid if you will, peace.

    CHEMTRAILS, JULIA GILLARD, Australian government, Danger In The Sky Broome WA and Derby WA

  2. Kim Hunter

    Rain was forcast for Vancouver tomorrow. After relentless “spray on clouds” by red & white Emirate jets, this morning, nothing but blue? / beige skies now.


    Watch for the test planes sprays when from what I gather they try to detect right moisture content for particulate suspension. LOL! Usually blows away making a failed trail, observe? and deduce.

  4. twerk421

    I see the huge plumes coming up from the mountains in the same location every day. (looking East towards Escondido) they look out of place given that there’s no other clouds in the sky when they appear and so I wonder if/what kind of land based? cloud seeders they’re using and where these things are located.

  5. turdfarmer666

    wind varies at different altitudes…..this week was a low and? high shifting winds …this is totally normal


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