25 thoughts on “NYC Chemtrail Activity 05/03/07

  1. Kras3169

    They were spraying here on Long Island tonight at like 9:50PM and still going at it after 10:00PM. I noticed they sprayed the shit out of NYC about a week ago when I was driving home from an audit in Pelham (Westchester County). I was driving on the Throgs Neck Bridge and they had sprayed over Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester, and Long Island. I couldn’t believe watching them spray tonight though. Unbelievable! It fucks with my asthma too!

  2. SadEarthling

    I can read it! It says “GET OUT!” :) Ronnie, CT Skywatch
    P.S. NY don’t you drop a dime to the “skywriters” I wonder what they would say about the changing conditions?

  3. videocruzer

    @MrChameleon2010 there has always been a war agaisnt the light.
    did you know that the body makes about 1000iu of D3 per minute from full body sun exposure on a clear blue sky day. liquid D3 is at he health food store.
    if u have been told u have cancer they now say to blring your blood to 40-60 nano grams per milliliter and u have just reduced your death rate by 75%.
    D3 primary function is a health cell cylcle. alls cancer is, is the last stage of the cell not dieing.
    be well

  4. Sourcecode01

    yeah they are everywhere, the British government released classified files on how they done same thing in 50s and 70s, this can only be bad for us!

  5. KiwiBro26

    Chemtrails are even happening in New Zealand, kids are constantly sick and the weather has been very servere and unusual.

  6. dbootsthediva

    It didn’t look like it was meant to be a form of effective sky advertising at 2:41 Morse type code is a good description Because they can make sky advertising effective enough when they need to even in a sky like that Their was enough blue sky for it to be effective if they had been actually sky advertising
    hmmm You are right it wasn’t too much different from the persistant contrail method


    sooner or later and i hope sooner rather than later that people will stand up and ask serious questions and angrily demanding serious answers!

  8. pilzkillz

    You can? DO something!
    Chemtrails, Mindcontrol and HAARP can be stopped by selfmade ORGONITE!
    Have a look at my videos about Orgonite! BUST the NWO!

  9. ar5281ar

    @MrChameleon2010, same in my skies here in se wisconsin! EVERYDAY with at least 1 “persistant CONtrail” if there isn’t 50! years ago i had to wait a week to see one of these white lines streak across the sky from horizon to horizon! now it’s daily and my weatherman/troll calls them “high thin? clouds” or “filtered sunshine”! LOL!

  10. Airshipal

    @MrChameleon2010 I agree about the advertising campaigns of the skytypers. However, it is interesting to note what the trails look like when they are sprayed on purpose. Very similar to the spraying of the larger operations.

  11. MrChameleon2010

    I don’t think the sky typers are chemtrails. too small. not effective. but they’re doing so much chemtrailling out in San Francisco right now. Every morning. I see checker patterns. I see rainbow clouds every now and then. Sometimes in the dead of summer. This is San Francisco, it doesn’t get icy cold east of the bay. It’s in the 100s. Not like San Francisco itself.

  12. MrAnonymous2012

    Here? is what? einsten said if the bees are gone we? have four years to live..it’s probably chemtrails/chemicals? The great culling of the population. Life after people on the history CH? NWO? Monsanto? electromagnetic energy?

  13. AntiLieGuy

    NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 then said it was a mistake.
    They LIED!

    This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally. Its the reason for the increase in quakes and volcanoes and for the doomsday seed vault.

    It is also the warning for the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO on the day of the next us/israeli false flag to invade Iran.

    News here:
    (3w) . scribd . com/doc/16612974/War-News

  14. waltermouthoh

    Here’s a fascinating one! (works best out of sunlight.)

    While watching the following videos with the screen tilted back a bit do this – quick short stop/starts on the Play button. Do you see the “O waves” or “Sky Waves”? The camera catches them. Video is “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails”

    With Video called “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment:” stop/start from 0:57, 0:58,…… to 1:09 mins. And have the screen tilted kind of dark. See the “O Waves”? soisnessdotorg

  15. Airshipal

    People have had air and water samples analyzed. Use Google to find out what you are looking for. It is all there.


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