Obama is leaving – The last president of United States of America

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25 thoughts on “Obama is leaving – The last president of United States of America

  1. Wildrosestands

    Obama is nothing, but the President of an unlawful corporation that has tried to usurp the sovereign freedoms of the people for over a hundred years. They have been caught.
    Dr. David Manning and his De Jeur Grand Jury, in Harlem, have found the man guilty on several counts. The authority of the People and the voice of People demand his arrest. Many other criminal elements, within the usurping corporation of the U.S., are slated to be arrested soon, too.
    He should have stayed out of OUR country.

  2. XtremeDance10

    Russians are very disrespectful people, they talk shit thinking it’s a costume to them to say it to an Americans face. I had someone do that, and I punch the fu*ker out.. Russians are Jews evil morons that a money ungry and own hollywood and i know this for a fact, and they own most of the new media and entertainment. Israeli is evil

  3. purplehaze5562

    Do you think that the president and his crew went to a uderground city some place? Has anyone seen him land in Indea usualley when a president lands some place theres a welcome matt another words the news crews are there and the presidents shaking some ones hand and waving Hi you know what i meen right? Anyway There is no real news on whats going on where he is?I think he and the crew are in a under ground city? shit is about to hit the fan people get ready prepare FOOD WATER NOW!!! JESUS NOW!


    @2010TheCountdown yes i forgot all about the dumbs.. thanks for reminding me i am watcing conspiracy theory now good stuff. its a shame we did not cause any of this but we are left in the cold.. the ones that cause this will go to there dumbs and live happily ever after.although we did in a way cause this by not acting soon enough to get these douch bags out of office.

  5. 2010TheCountdown

    @GONECRUISING72 lets storm denver and take their DUMBS away from them, put them out in the harsh enviroment hehe.
    even better, let them roast ontop of Krakatoa


    @2010TheCountdown that is alot of people something is going on just like when the polish presidents plane was brought down april 10th the plane had practically the entire polish govt on board…. now barry has the entire govt being moved in plain site.. some say denver will be the next U.S capitol

  7. benthejrporter

    ctd… He’s set up as a “man of the people” because he’s black. It’s an old scam! All colonial governments apoint native puppet leaders to lull the population into a sense of false security. It’s been played for time immemorial, from Presutagus to Mugabe. (The United States is a colony as well as a colonial power)

  8. benthejrporter

    Go, Tea Party! I hate the way they keep making Obama say: “Yes we can!” every few sentances in his speeches and then making him pause. It’s a copy of Martin Luther King’s speech where he says “I have a dream”. It’s an insult to ML King’s memory as well as our intelligence, to compare the great ML King with that Globalist poopsie Obama! It’s all part of his personality cult. … ctd

  9. Wildrosestands

    Jekyll, the man with two faces and two distinctly different personalities. Hmmm? Whatever they are seeking to achieve, whatever they think to pull off? If we can see the signs and correlate the happenings, so can The White Knights who have fought quite hard to set down all the other attacks that could have come since the real 9/11.
    Have faith, Henning. I believe that God’s angels are already here and already aware of what is planned. They shut down 50 hydrogen bomb launch codes last week, SIGNS.


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