Obama’s Secret Space War, UFO Disclosure, Cloning, Freemasons, and MORE! part1/7

Watch the whole series in order… it’s totally worth it. Freeman Fly from The Freeman Perspective explains… thefreemanperspective.blogspot.com He is a Wealth of information! Check his site out! Freeman is an internationally known, award-winning TV producer in Austin, Texas. He graduated Interdisciplinary Studies with honors and studied Ancient Architecture at Kansas University. Freeman, host of The Freeman Perspective, has been witness to phenomenon that some men only dream of. His natural curiosity necessitated voracious studies of high weirdness which have led him to discover the hidden code behind corporate logos, the secret of ancient astronauts, while finding time to investigate HAARP and chemtrails. Conspirologists take note: Freeman starts were Alex Jones leaves off. In the spirit of David Icke and James Redfield, Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity. I have discovered a ritual being performed all around us, in the open by our “leaders” and I am making documentaries to disclose this information. I cover topics such as, corporate logos and their occult/masonic meanings. I unveil the goddess worship going on around us and explore America’s goddess Columbia. I have won the ACTV awards for my documentary on HAARP; the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which can change weather patterns and negatively effect your health. I have made sure people are aware of the

25 thoughts on “Obama’s Secret Space War, UFO Disclosure, Cloning, Freemasons, and MORE! part1/7

  1. Grey1671

    My last channel was suspended by the youtube Nazi clones ! , i lost great subscriptions and many friends as i never had a back up ! i am glad ave found you again man !

  2. 232323C

    people are ruled through fear,…….fear pushed by religion and fear pushed by governments and elitists…..magick is not mysterious…It only seems so…..

  3. merkaba360

    @MsMilkytheclown Many parts of our brain are undergoing metabolic reactions but not “firing.” Its like saying only 4% of our car engine is working since we are only concerned about the firing pistons. Of course we have far more capabilities, but nobody knows silly percentages like this.

  4. LaPuertorra69

    Thanx again, MsMilky! AWESOME series! “Thumbed ’em all up”! I made them their own lil’ Play List on MY Channel!! 😉 @>-^—–

  5. MsMilkytheclown

    @WARLOCK70 I wish I had all the answers :( This guy does a Lot of research, though! He’s probably covered it in some previous interviews. I’ll see what I can dig up…

  6. mrtruthify

    @MsMilkytheclown If what I just read in the sidebar is really what your up too..

    And you really understands what ytou think you do..

    We should talk..

    Also… my $100 challege is still up for grabs to anyone who can read the Sumerian tablet on my page 😉 (not on my mrtruthify page.. PM me for the correct channel).

  7. WARLOCK70

    Pretty intense!! Question. What about this 13th zodiac (ophiuchus) ..why was it hidden from us? Is meditation the key 2 be free or is it to trick us into entrapment? Seems like there are these drastic things being done like a magician who waves his hands around to keep us from seeing what he’s really doing as we see so much news and laws being made under our noses when it’s almost or too late. Looks like our fiction movies aren’t too far off from reality as they come from the writer’s dreams.

  8. MsMilkytheclown

    @alexpx27 He is so much smarter than all his guests combined. Click on the link in the description box and you can access all his interviews, too. :) Enjoy!

  9. alexpx27

    Can’t wait to watch this! I used to catch him on public access back when i had cable tv. I love living in Austin :)

  10. MsMilkytheclown

    @Acapulco3 I believe it must be, since we are continually being dumbed down… we now only use approx 4% of our brain… imagine…..


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