October 3, 2012 – Chemtrail Terrorism Over Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, Californa

A video documentary of the chemtrail operation over the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, California. * Below are 6 purposes for Chemtrails * 1- Blocking …

25 thoughts on “October 3, 2012 – Chemtrail Terrorism Over Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, Californa

  1. lawrcram

    Good work mate, some excellent points you bring up thought provoking.
    Cheers for posting I liked & save to list to assist the protest of these
    crimes against all life. Stay healthy

  2. Zoe121000

    Im seeing this right now over los angeles. Manny is it just me or are these
    trails always heading towards the sun?

  3. zickiedo

    Never mind, nothing to see hear, get ready for American Idol 2012.
    Seriously, great videos. Time to start arresting people!

  4. Manny Rivers vs. Chemtrails

    They were spraying before sunset when it was warm outside because most
    people run their A/C which filters some of this crap out. But once the sun
    starts to set, people turn off the A/C and open the windows, allowing
    flowing gusts of chemtrail garbage into their homes. Stay inside when you
    see chemtrails and don’t run the A/C at all. Only open windows when it’s
    clear. I hope your asthma gets better. God bless.

  5. burkeycindi

    Manny Rivers, we’ve been watching this from the 6th floor of the comerica
    building at the sherman oaks galleria. We counted at least nine long trails
    across the sky, a glowing prismatic sundog, and other planes leaving no
    trails, or stopping the trail, then continuing on with a trail that
    disappears while the first trail lingers and spreads.

  6. BlueSkyDiaries

    Las Vegas was hit hard on Oct 3rd as well. Between chemtrails,
    vaccinations, flouride and other heavy metals & toxins in our water and
    GMO’s, it is no wonder chronic disease in on the rise.

  7. Sevenpiece

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  8. tweetyli1

    It’s started again in the SGV. They’ve been doing it in the evening right
    before sunset, maybe people don’t notice as the sun’s going down as much? I
    can’t help but notice because I see what the sky looks like when they don’t
    do it. I have asthma and this is so hard for people with breathing

  9. Carter Gregg

    San Bernardino to LA has been covered with this crap all day and I woke up
    with a bad headache. ( I don’t get a lot of headaches) Five years ago I
    would have laughed at all of this and called those talking about it
    conspiracy nuts. No, this shit is very, very real. As you said, it’s right
    in front of us and nobody seems to see it, let alone be worried about it.

  10. Sevenpiece

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  11. TasteforHealthy

    Not a single day goes by where I don’t ponder the same question… “How are
    we going to go down in history books?” I have started posting photos of AV
    chemtrail attacks on Flickr… and they are starting to show up on Google
    images if you search for ‘Palmdale chemtrails.’ Getting brave, lol. Just
    trying to raise awareness… Hopefully we can prevent humanity from falling
    off the cliff we are running full speed towards.


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