Official document giving PERMISSION to use chemtrails !!

Video courtesy of Chemtrails Official document giving PERMISSION to use on people!

25 thoughts on “Official document giving PERMISSION to use chemtrails !!

  1. IExposeMormonism

    I posted “History of Weather Modification” and “Chemtrails in 1944?” I went on google for the 1st and found 15? companies and their planes. In the 2nd, I decided to buy many cloud/meteorological books. The International Cloud Atlas, 1956 shows a Huge chemtrail event in 1944 in England:WW2,when jets were new, maybe 200 existed. This same pic is used in all ICA books up through at least 1987. Why? All the other pics are updated, in color, etc. why not the one”Chemtrail” pic, 40+yrs its in the ICA

  2. Waspdue

    Tankerenemy è un falsario bugiardo ciarlatano.
    YouTube dovrebbe cancellare tutti i suoi video per evidente e? conclamata falsità e turlupinatura del pubblico più ingenuo!

  3. RU2BFREE67

    theory bear with me! the atmosphere is? so polluted so many pollution clouds that they have to spray the clouds just to clear them up? to get sunlight in to grow the food? some countrys are cloudy most the time! just a thought!

  4. TrueSkeptic77

    In short, the majority see gigantic trails that covers big parts of their sky and that creates questions.

    So one can conclude you actually dont have any answers, just the claim that? people who asks questions about these matters are some what nutty?

  5. shortandtickling

    why don’t you just read the russian media i.e. pravda or novosti?? That’s far better than become victims of idiots and religious nutters.
    In Russia chemtrails are openly debated. Off course there is spraying and it is done to cool down the planet and more and more countries are purchasing rebuild airplanes for doing this.

  6. euro944t

    Then watch what Alex Jones don’t want to talk about.


    Call in AJ him to debunk it .

    I? bet he rants that you are a racist scumbag loser and hangs up on you.

    Would he be correct ?

  7. cycimian

    This was most of what i seen with an exception it was hosted by Dean Caine, In the biggining of the clip people were talking about the exaust trails that were criss crossing every day for weeks. Was that not in the clip you seen farmer? What made me watch was an addition of an investigation of that then? it jumped to these 2 guys who make clouds over the ocean. They use chemical fogers and claim its for the defence dept and its not toxic.

  8. farmersc3500

    cycimian, Ahh so it was Oakville, and it was this clip I sent you before


    But as everyone can? see, it still does not include any samples taken directly from a trail.. nor does it even mention trails. So when you said “Its been done” in reference to taken a sample directly from a trail, in fact you did not know of any such samples taken directly from a trail

  9. cycimian

    It took sometime? but i found the clip famerz, Oakville washington. I used to live in Oakville Ontario. The clip i saw was a remake of this one the segmented show also delt with the investigation that followed a sumary addition. In this im still trying to locate it for you.

  10. farmersc3500

    In short, the majority of the chemtrail believers are not truth seekers but rather speculators and accusers.

    But I hope you, kinggzz, are not one of them and you do take a sample directly from? a trail and show the results to the chemtrail community.

    But beware, you will find resistance (and accusations of being a “shill”)from the chemtrail believer community if you attempt to get to the truth by getting a sample directly from a trail and showing your results

  11. farmersc3500

    King, you got? it right the first time, people that believe that the trails have chemicals in them are going to have to go up and take a sample directly from a trail. That would end all speculation. As you have said “that would answer the question one way or the other”. And also as you have pointed out, it would be relatively easy to take a sample directly from a trail
    But so far, no one in the chemtrail community has been willing to get a sample directly from a trail.

  12. cycimian

    Thats why i used to belive kinggzz, Then you have the skyview where both aircraft share the same skys nearing airports and the surrounding communitys.? It was always the given that hot jet exaust when in contact with minus 30f air produced that vapour trail that rapididly disipates as the hot air rises and condenses. These chemclouds expand and linger for hours. Its not uncommon now to see them actualy cloud over the sky with this high ceiling of contraversial contents.

  13. kinggzz

    believer mentality is due to the fact that many “official” explanations about a great many things are obvious bulls@*t. however, the chemtrail theory seems to be the easiest “theory” to prove or disprove. we have all seen these odd “contrails” fill the entire sky and last 4 or 5 hours. just a thot… perhaps there is some unknown atmospheric anamoly happening that doesnt allow the? water vapor to dissipate normally.

  14. JCLeSinge

    God this is starting to annoy me, This is not a mystery; HAARP exists, there’s a patent, its a weather control device, it requires a Barium solution on the atmosphere to work properly. AND?! These are the facts, its not a Conspiracy anymore, but the person who SENT me this? video thinks that HAARP is a plot by Satan to create a 2nd Biblical Flood. I despair; you give people the actual facts and they cheerfully make up shit regardless.

  15. anonymouspatriotUSA

    Could you send me links to references? for ‘transporting micron-sized particles’ using RF waves?
    Are you talking about scalar waves propelling biologicals?

  16. farmersc3500

    If you were talking about samples taken from the ground (“He put on his gloves and took a sample of it”), THEN WHY did you respond to kinggzz suggestion (“fly thru a chemtrail with a small plane,? or send up an atmospheric ballon, collect samples”) with “king. Its been done”?

    IT was very clear that king was talking about taken samples directly from a trail instead of taken samples from the ground and then assuming everything that is found is from a trail

  17. farmersc3500

    Cycimian, Dean Stockwell does not list Unsolved Mysterys as a credit and Unsolved Mysteries does not list anything with chemtails/contrail in Fairborn Ohio

    also “I fail to see? what Oakville other then the fact my son lives there is pertanent to this”

    Does watch?v=eAoPLYHUzzA help you “see” things better.

    If you watch it will see there are NO samples taken directly from trails and it was Robert Stack not Dean Stockwell… If you are referring to something else then give specific link

  18. cycimian

    Thats good for Oakville then. try Fairborn Ohio. GDA. I fail to see what Oakville? other then the fact my son lives there is pertanent to this.

  19. cycimian

    Actualy it was the police officer when he noticed his wipers were not cleaning this rain and it smeared to the point they pulled into a self serve. He put on his gloves and took a sample of it. Nurses Doctors and other qualified observers were also infected? by this fallout. It was aired in Feb. And it was not by Robert Stack. This is much newer. The host was Dean Stockwell if that helps.

  20. farmersc3500

    And BTW cycimain, you did say “Its been done” in response to a suggestion that samples should be taken directly from a trail. But you still seem to not know of any samples taken directly for a trail. You apparently said “Its been done” without any knowledge of any such samples taken directly from a trail

    Once again, IF I am incorrect then please give a specific link to a sample (that you know of) that has? been taken directly from a trail

  21. farmersc3500

    As for EarthsLastHope, I am familiar with him and his re posting of? videos. EarthsLastHope currently has posted “Greatest Chemtrail Video EVER” in which the video maker knowingly and willingly has taken copyrighted photo and deliberate mislabeled them as “chemplanes” when it is clear they are not “chemplanes”

    The video watch?v=wye2YWRohT4 makes it clear that earthlasthope has no interest in the truth but instead is more interested in using disinformation to promote his chemtrail beliefs

  22. farmersc3500

    Cycimian, I understand which show you were talking about, it was Unsolved Mysteries which was hosted by Robert Stack who “investigates” everything from the Lockness? “monster” to bigfoot

    But once again, the spacific episode about Oakville(first aired May 9 1997) contained NO actually samples taken directly from a trail. Nor did it even mention any contrail or chemtrails

  23. cycimian

    I found it? on discovery Unsolved Mysterys for you, And theres also somthing that should peek your interests on man made clouds. The gelatinous Rain fell over a whole county for several days. It was aired in this past Feb, If you cant get anything off izzysmart on this try EarthsLastHope. He has been under Youtube attack much like Nufffrespect is going through. The sample they investigated had human white cells in it. Anyways good hunting as always. hope this helps.


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