OMG! A new way to test Chemtrails! Metal Detector

OMG! Is right when you see this! I did a simple test today with a metal detector set all the way up! wow! I did not expect these results! *(Watch part 2 where I test the snow!!) Last night in Tucson it rained and then snowed, and they had been spraying Chemtrails all day yesterday! Look what the water has in it! Try this at home as i’m sure some of you have better metal detectors than I do but talk about shocking results! This particular test may not actually prove anything but these are the results from my metal detector! No trickery. It just looks real bad and probably for good reason! I HOPE THAT SOMEONE WILL PROVE THESE RESULTS WRONG!! PLEASE! That would mean that I am not being sprayed with aluminum and Barrium in all these manmade clouds we see daily over tucson! Problem is, this is really happening! Like it or not people. The reason I made this video is so people can test this with a better metal detector, and maybe this video will get the Forest service to test the snow! I will see what I can get done…. but feel free to help me people! I wouldn’t mind some help from….like….SOMEONE!!!!!!!! Feel free to step right up and get the water and snow tested! I have no money whatsoever and I find time to do the things I do, so let me know if someone wants to pay for the tests….i’d be glad to get samples…..or what the heck, maybe another person will take the initiative to do it themselves! What a concept! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Tucson is a city of ONE MILLION..hello

25 thoughts on “OMG! A new way to test Chemtrails! Metal Detector

  1. mtzlypk

    everyone that has metal detectors check it out..want to hear more results ,,can you actually find any particles.?

  2. dannon2010

    I will be testing rain water here in Houston, Texas for Aluminum, Barium and Strontium …that’s how I found your page…I was looking for people doing the same. I’m afraid of what I’m going to find, but I will be objective, and it will take at least 10 days from turning in the samples to get the results.

  3. winitred000

    @haskellfilmz well just so you know I agree……..they are drying out the air, our sinuses, we get congestion headaches from it and dizziness, nausea………my wood on my balcony is dry, my metal door screeches with dryness when I open it, all the lawns are burnt up around here….(see my vids)………..we know it is happening…and it’s happening everywhere, not just this country….who gives a crap to complain to them though….everyone is mind controlled.

  4. haskellfilmz

    @winitred000 Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck what people believe! If they are stupid enough to do nothing when I show them how badly we are being poisoned with heavy metal…..then they can just hurry up and die. At this point I do not care about the “Idiots” I only care to inform the one’s that are awake! They can take this video for what it is…………we are being killed with Aluminum and Barrium ….and idiots can argue this all day!

  5. winitred000

    here’s the problem dude, there are organic metal compounds in the ground……… would have to show the day before the snow that it didn’t register on the metal detector……for anyone to believe you. I am just as against chemtrails as you are but you have to do a pre-vid where it doesn’t pick up anything…………in order to be believed by the masses.

  6. z1zaz

    Open the last photo in the upload links.

    I wonder if going round with a magnet will lift are metallic particles ?

  7. shesjupiter

    Ditto plus finds …in the winter “snows” here at the edge of Ohio, next to West Virginia, Pennsylvania.

  8. MrZephyros

    Wow! That is interesting. I suggest you get a sample of Al oxide from a Pharmacy/Chemist store or somewhere, and see what your metal detector registers on it.
    Have you picked up the “metal” that the detector registers on? What does it look like?
    Does the detector beep repeatedly over the same spot, or is it more random than when you were detecting your chemtrail sign staples, for example?


    @haskellfilmz That is a very good point and one I SHOULD have thought of…lol… oh well… they say your memory goes first… lol

  10. haskellfilmz

    @5T4RSCREAM someone else just brought up a magnet and I thought it might work! Hell, why wouldnt it! RRRRT ok, nevermind. I just tried it and remembered NO Aluminum does not pick up on a magnet! I just held a magnet next to a aluminum can and nothing! So I guess not.

  11. 5T4RSCREAM

    @haskellfilmz Hey thanks… I posted the video and made sure to credit you. Someone also mentioned using a powerful magnet to pull up the metal. What do you think of this idea should we want to take the substance somewhere to find out what is in it? They sprayed us in Dallas today… here is the video I captured.. watch?v=GaB0Y6k5Xt8

  12. haskellfilmz

    @5T4RSCREAM not a problem! Gladly give you permission to repost my videos! Getting the word out is all that is important!

  13. 5T4RSCREAM

    Hey man…. thanks for this… I would like to repost and will totally give you credit. People do not always see the video who subscribe if its in my favorites. They look for uploads… Anyways… time to buy a metal detector. Thanks again!

  14. policeabusearey

    Interesting stuff, I need a copy of the video documentary, “What in the world are they spraying?”
    Peace and respect.

  15. roxy777lopez777

    Thanks for doing this and providing this data. Can you please you please contact us? Thanks. Just send a message to our utube channel or email

  16. haskellfilmz

    yes there are natural deposits of iron in this ground, but it never picked up on my unit before. not like this. I dont claim to have all the answers but after I do this video, im sure others will use one on the snow! And..I will make a video within a couple days…where I test the snow!

  17. haskellfilmz

    @controlfreakssuckass yes! I first noticed it when we were up on Mt.Lemmon and they were spraying heavily and we set it very sensitive and propped it up on a rock upside down and as the wind blew to detecter kept beeping with nobody anywhere near it! It was crazy.

  18. controlfreakssuckass

    some days when they are spraying heavy my detector chatters constantly… i have a very sensitive whites detector and i always set it sensitive to find gold… last year i realized the chatter was from the trails…


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